A story at The Appeal looks closely at how use of force in the Columbus police department is concentrated in a small number of well regarded officers, and authors George Joseph and Ethan Corey join us to discuss.
Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk about how victims of trafficking who apply for visas are now being referred to ICE for deportation, and how Michael Cohen’s plea deal highlights how badly Stormy Daniels was treated in the media
House conservatives move to impeach Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein, Michael Cohen feels betrayed, the White House bans a CNN reporter, and new documents show Stormy Daniels was targeted by Columbus police.
Stormy Daniels was arrested a strip club in Ohio, and more catch up on listener mail. Stormy Daniels Photo:  © Glenn Francis, via Wikimedia Commons
Morning John joins us with more thoughts on the exploitation of Stormy Daniels, Cynthia Nixon calls for taxing the rich and an end to cash bail, and listener mail. 60 Minutes photo by CBS…
Emma Gray joins the show to discuss her recent piece about Stormy Daniels, how she's used Twitter and TV news against Trump, and why shouldn't be quick to underestimate her.
Melissa Gira Grant is here to discuss the Stormy Daniels interview on Sunday night’s 60 Minutes. Also, the March for our Lives was a great display of solidarity in action.
Rich Hanley returns to discuss Stormy Daniels' '60 Minutes' interview, its news value, media coverage of Trump's behavior and extramarital affairs, and more.
Cynthia Nixon declares that she will challenge Andrew Cuomo in the New York Democratic primary, the Austin bombing suspect is dead, the “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” trailer describes the radicalism of Fred Rogers, and Morning John the women challenging Trump.
Melissa Gira Grant is back to talk about SESTA and what it could mean for both sex workers and the internet more broadly, and a look at Gary Cohn’s exodus and his principled stance on tariffs but lack of principled stance on Nazis.
We talk with Melissa Gira Grant on the discourse around Stormy Daniels, and listener mail responses to the ongoing conversation about affirmative consent. Melissa Gira Grant, via Twitter
Twitter Moments with Matt Ruby. Jacqueline Soller on ‘The Post.’ John Knefel on Hawaii’s false alarm for apocalypse by push alert. Sneak preview of Benjamin Cartel’s BTR Live Studio session.