We talk about our favorite entertainment stories from 2016, reflect on our favorite films of the year, and feature an interview with cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro.
We talk Lady Gaga's PTSD, Becca's relaxation hour, and review the holiday lovefest "Love Actually."
We talk about Paris Hilton, good and evil, the last Presidential debate, and review the haunting doc "The Act of Killing."
We talk about Selena Gomez getting help, finding weed in your Wendy's fries, the #kenbonezone, and review the 90s flick "Can't Hardly Wait."
We listen to Becca do pop-star imitations, talk about how the Lion King fucking rules, and review the stoner throwback classic "Dude Where's My Car?"
We talk about the Brad and Angelina divorce, riff on Hillary Clinton's appearance on Between Two Ferns, and review the classic "Grease" in honor of the last days of summer.
We talk about more Olympic sex, Ellen Degeneres accusations of racism, Lady Gaga's new movie, federal weed ease-ups, and review "Pan's Labyrinth" for its ten year anniversary.
We talk about Olympic sex, how many American adults actually smoke weed, and review the new Disney animated film "The Jungle Book."
We talk about the gender image of women in Hollywood, robots making horror movies, and review "Almost Famous" for our monthly segment of "Becc to the Future."
We review the new Marvel superhero flick "Captain America: Civil War."