Another fantastic Tuesday mix in store today! Enjoy 90 minutes of music alongside DJ Emily!
The Alt-Country hour is jammed packed with tunes this week. New Wilco and Tyler Ramsey are in the mix!
A fun upbeat mix to get your feet moving this Friday night on BreakThru Radio.
Your Friday night indie, dance mix! It's gonna be a lot of fun! Enjoy, Revolver on BreakThru Radio!
00:00 DJ Emily 00:48 Open Mind - Wilco 04:16 Goodbye Crazy City - Big Harp 08:41 Miss K - Deer Tick 11:54 Fletcher - Blitzen Trapper 15:16 DJ Emily 16:04 Whole Love - Wilco 19:34 CruelKind - Gold Leaves 23:31 Of Vegas And Vanity - The Loom 26:33 When My Time Comes - Dawes 31:42 Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes 36:38 DJ Emily 36:49 Girl In A Coat - Blitzen Trapper 40:21 Picture of A Bird - Fruit Bats 43:57 Such A Beautiful Thing - Chris Mills 48:04 Let's Do Something Impossible - William Elliot Whitmore 51:07 Arlee Hayes - Band Marino 54:50 DJ Emily 55:49 Black Moon - Wilco 59:20 Finish official album art from The Whole Love Wilco LIVE!!! Oct 02  -  The Ryman  -  Nashville, TN Oct 04  - Peabody Opera House - St. Louis, MO Oct 05 - Overture Hall - Madison, WI official album art from Divine Providence Deer Tick LIVE!!! Oct 12  -      The Met  -  Providence, RI Oct 13  -     The Met  -  Providence, RI Oct 15  -      Strand Capitol Theatre  -  York, PA Oct 16  -      930 Club  -  Washington, DC Oct 17  -      Cat's Cradle  -  Carrboro, NC official album art from American Goldwing Blitzen Trapper LIVE!!! Oct 06  -  Amoeba Music  -  San Francisco, CA Oct 07  -  Mystic Theater  -  Petaluma, CA Oct 08  -  Soho  -  Santa Barbara, CA
Drummer Seth Masarsky, of Breaking Laces, broke both his wrists! Hear the story friend, In The Den...
New York City based soul/funk/rap act Lifted Crew — all ten of them! — perform "So Soulful" live at Work, a boxing studio and gym in Noho, New York. [youtube][/youtube]
Robert Bryn and Martin Cartagena, of Wild Yaks, are In The Den for Monday.
The Slims. Black Joe Louis. Bing Ji Ling. Sugarman 3 wif Charle Bradley. Yes.
Falcon perform "Credit Cards," "Elves" and "Stories" at Serious Business Studios in New York. Studio owner Travis Harrison talks to the band about their name, which somehow leads to a conversation about "zooers." [youtube][/youtube]