The Ardsley Curling Club in Irvington, NY gives us a lesson in sliding stones across frozen bullseyes.
Hurricane Sandy may have postponed the season opener of the Nets at the recently opened Barclays Center, delaying the newly Brooklyn-based team’s first match-up against the New York Knicks, but that doesn’t mean local basketball fans don’t already have opinions about the surely looming inter-Borough rivalry. BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker asks people which side they’ll be taking as Brooklyn gets it’s first major sports franchise since the Dodgers left for Los Angeles.
After nine years of development and countless court battles, the Barclays Center opened last Friday night in downtown Brooklyn. The 19,000 seat center will be the new home of the Brooklyn Nets, but also comes with high expectations and controversies. We asked residents and passersby their thoughts on the new arena.
With the drama of the London Summer Olympics in full swing and winning performances from superstar athletes such as swimmer Michael Phelps and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, we asked people to share their favorite Olympic moments and other thoughts on the number one sporting event in the world.
Duncan Bird is Creative Director at the Cloudbreak Group, the creative agency who has worked with the New York Yankees to develop a fragrance line with the iconic baseball team’s brand. BreakThruTV’s Lauren Hawker spoke with Duncan about his experiences in branding and with the development and marketing of the Yankees fragrance, specifically.
BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Kristy is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week we talk about the conclusion of the Clemens trial, the future of football, and stadium food and eating competitions.
BTR is taking a week to honor and celebrate men! And what better time to do a long-overdue menswear feature here on Sew & Tell? Not only do I have men's apparel on today's show, but I have Alex Maine, a hot new made-in-the-USA label, based in L.A. Surf pro and entrepreneur Bron Heussenstamm grew up in the world of fashion apparel, with parents who started two big-name Southern California stores. What he saw as a hole in the menswear industry - well-made, stylish, but comfortable pants - became the impetus for his new brand. With passionate dedication to bringing U.S. industry back to life, Alex Maine offers guys an opportunity to look good, and feel great about what they're wearing. On today's show, Bron will talk about his inspiration to launch Alex Maine, crafting a retail experience for the guy's guy, and some lessons he learned about fashion retail from his father. Plus, a man-centric playlist with great variety, including tunes from Tom Waits, Limes, Birthmark, and Big Search, as well as brand new music from Hot Chip and Jukebox the Ghost. So listen up! It's not too late to do some last-minute Father's Day shopping, and Alex Maine has got you covered!
The Olympics always provide a lot of material for social scientists to observe the human race, our behavior and the basis for humanity. Three books featured on Book Talk this week look at both history and future of the Olympic games and what they mean to the world and its people.
Basketball has long been considered by many as the “city’s game” because it only requires a pair of sneakers, a ball and hoop. In New York City, West 4th Street is home to one of the most famous outdoor courts. “The Cage,” as it’s called by many players, is a whole other world in itself — with its own rules, culture and style of play. On this week’s episode of BTR Pulse, host Lauren Hawker speaks to a number of players at the court about the legendary spot.
Harold Eugene Edgerton, Football Kick, 1938 Today on the show we are going to be talking about sports. My guest, curator David Little, has just put together an exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts called The Sports Show: Athletics As Image and Spectacle. The show charts the cultural significance of sports media from the early days of photography to the present day. It includes work from well known artists like Andy Warhol, Andreas Gursky and Henri Cartier-Bresson, as well as  news photographs, television footage, film and video. This range of media sheds light on the myriad ways that our politics, racial tensions, national identities and cultural values are reflected in sports. The Sports Show also reveals some of the surprising artistic per-cursors to the way we visually experience sports today. For example, the concept behind instant replay, David suggests, was developed back in the 1890s by a photographer named Eadweard Muybridge who made stop-action photographs of bodies in motion. Other visual conventions that we take for granted in modern sports broadcasts --- telephoto close ups, on the field shots, aerial views from the Goodyear blimp --- were pioneered in photographs and films by artists Alexander Rodchenko and Leni Reifenstahl, Hitler's infamous propagandist. David recently spoke with me over the phone from Minneapolis about the history of sports images and why he thinks sports have been largely absent from critical discussion in visual art. `Eadweard Muybridge, Animal Locomotion Plate 344, 1887 Paul Pfeiffer, The Saints, 2007 Martin Munkacsi, Spectators at a Sports Event, from the series “Crowd,” 1933 Unknown photographer, Babe Ruth, 1919 Alexander Rodchenko, Horse Race, 1935 Leni Riefenstahl, Jesse Owens, 1936 Roger Welch, O.J. Simpson Project, 1977 Kota Ezawa, Brawl, 2008 Frank Lloyd Wright, Girls Gym Class, 1900 Playlist: 00:00 Thomas Intro 01:49 David Little Interview pt. 1 04:32 Final Day - Young Marble Giants 05:36 David Little Interview pt. 2 10:22 Take a Trip - Utah Smith 13:02 David Little Interview pt. 3 17:27 Telephoto Lens - The Bongos 19:43 David Little Interview pt. 4 23:40 Cheerleader - St. Vincent 25:18 David Little Interview pt. 5 34:16 Bass Drum Dream - The Microphones 34:50 David Little Interview pt. 6 38:02 Wrong Time Capsule - Deerhoof 39:26 David Little Interview pt. 7 42:55 I Don't Want to Play Football - Belle and Sebastian 43:49 David Little Interview pt. 8 47:07 Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop - Yo La Tengo 47:38 Finish
BTR catches up with US Olympic Medalist Meb Keflezighi. The marathon runner has once again qualified for the Summer Olympics and we're finding out what makes him tick.
A hockey fan from the great white north laments America's lacking attention span for one of the best tournaments in the world.
Sports stars are physically-endowed; they are strong, and rank in status as sex symbols. That is, sex as defined by predominant cultural standards.
BreakThru Radio has put together its First Annual Popularity Poll, a list of superlatives to honor the day’s finest advertisements. From the best legs to the biggest ego, we have anointed some of the past decades’ most impressive.
Be prepared for the big game with these recommenced munchies... That aren't Buffalo wings.
With Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday, BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker hit the streets of New York City to discuss the New York Giants and New England Patriots rematch, gauge people’s thoughts on who will win, and see how local bars and patrons plan to celebrate one of the year’s biggest sporting events.
With 2011 left behind and a new year upon us, BTR Pulse host Lauren Hawker heads down to New York City's Greenwich Village to ask people what they predict for 2012. From politics and the presidential election to the Super Bowl and celebrity divorces, she gauges their guesses.