Every year in the Japantown section of San Francisco the Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. It’s a spring-time celebration of all things Japanese. Several streets are closed of for blocks in either direction. There are parades, concerts, Cosplayers, Lolitas and oh yeah, street food as far as the eye can see. The most anticipated was the Hello Kitty food truck. Basically it doesn’t even have to serve good food. It just has to be cute, and the lines will form. If you enjoy a crisp Sapporo, Takoyaki, fried mochi and great people watching then this is the event to come to.
Spatchocked, or butterflied, chicken is one of the best ways to grill a whole chicken without needing to put forth a terrible amount of effort. You’ll need to remove the backbone from the chicken (this is essentially all butterflying is) before you cook, but that’s all there is to it. This recipe is a bit different because it’s not only butterflied, but also bricked chicken with a citrusy, peppery gravy.
Whip up a batch of Cornish game hens this winter.