For more than 10 years German artist Bjoern Schulke has been making interactive kinetic sculptures. His works bring together steel, wood, lights, motors, electronic sensors, solar panels and even theremins into machines that move, see and make noise all on their own.
How cymatics, a budding branch of science is approaching sound in a unique way.
What's the sound of style? Well, it's a lot more glam than one hand clapping. In fact, as we've discussed Sew & Tell before, there is a ton of crossover between fashion and music, designers and rockers. For today's show, I got to talk with Susan Domelsmith, a Brooklyn jeweler who's also part of the all-girl Brooklyn band Open Ocean. Susan's jewelry line, Dirty Librarian Chains (best name ever?), is a beautifully tangled, bold array of pieces, each one made from repurposed vintage materials. From elegantly twisted chain necklaces, to simple, sculptural rings, these pieces are 100% rock 'n roll, and it's easy to see why the line has caught the attention of musicians like Debbie Harry and Vivian Girls. Susan's own music is no less innovative - she contributes keyboards to two projects: the throw-back punk band Open Ocean, and the experimental electronic pop duo Time Reveals. On today's show, Susan talks about the evolution of DLC, sourcing vintage materials, making music with fashion friends, and some of her favorite NYC libraries. Plus! An awesome playlist (what else would you expect?) featuring music from Open Ocean, Wild Nothing, Rubblebucket, Bill Fay, Bob Mould and more. So turn up the volume and settle in for some seriously stylish sound, with Sew & Tell on BTR!
Noise music pushes the boundaries of what we commonly refer to as "music".
Deaf dancers find their internal rhythm to beat the sound of silence.
As XLR8R report, Brighton’s Guy Andrews has a new record coming out soon on Hotflush Recordings. Sweet. Titled The Wait/Hands in Mine, it’s out on May 28 but you can hear a preview of the heavy, clanking, move yr body A side thanks to Scuba’s Essential Mix. Actually, go and listen to that mix again, it’s a good one. via Abeano
Bear In Heaven, if you were unaware, has been streaming their new album in its entirety for something like the past two months. Granted, they slowed it down 400,000 percent, so it’s impossible to discern much of anything; every so often they will tweet that they’ve reached the next song on the album. At the speed at which they’re streaming the album, it doesn’t sound like much more than a lengthy instruction in grating drone – not at all like the upbeat cuts that haven’t been altered. And while that’s a nice little gimmick, the real genius lies in the unaltered versions of the songs. “Reflection of You” was absolutely arresting, and this track, “Sinful Nature” which was released yesterday, is more of the same. The song feels like it’s going to build to a climax, but it holds the same tension throughout its five-plus minutes, instead combining the best parts of pop radio in the 1980′s – a darker ambiance of synths and ethereal, haunting vocals. I Love You, It’s Cool comes out in less than month at this point, hitting shelves and iPods on April 3. Really looking forward to this one, you guys. via Tympanogram
If you haven’t heard, s / s / s, despite being the most awkward band name to type out, is comprised of a triumvirate of artists whose names begin with – you guessed it – the letter ‘s.’ Specifically, it’s Serengeti, Son Lux, and Sufjan Stevens working together. The track, from the trio’s upcoming four song EP, was unleashed on the interwebs yesterday, and the response was divided. Personally, I’ve liked a lot of Sufjan Stevens’ output post-Illinoise, so this isn’t a huge departure from his last couple of releases. In addition, this isn’t specifically a Sufjan song, so comparing it to his past work is slightly off target. That said, it feels like a Sufjan song on its face, allowed to develop slowly over six minutes or so, with Stevens making liberal use of auto-tune, much to the chagrin of some, I’m certain. In the end, I like the track as a whole. Serengeti’s verses seem slightly out of place on it, however, but I’m certainly not offended by their inclusion either. It’s a good introduction to the project, entitled Beak & Claw, which will be released on March 20th through the minds at Anticon. via Tympanogram
Never has an album been so completely controlled by a single influence as Sunkissed has. It’s something we all see every day, it influences all of us and we worship it. It’s ‘That big yellow ball up in the sky’, the sun. Sunkissed transports you from your miserable flat in Coventry to Bad Weather California's beach-side skatepark whilst you get high together, and drink gallons of orange juice with that big ball of fire blazing down on you. You’re welcomed to your vacation on a raft of African guitars and calypso beats with ‘I’ll Reach Out My Hand’. It’s a joyous example of the Afro-Caribbean’s seamless blending with the West Coast’s beach-punk sensibilities and captures the summer sun vibe perfectly in four too-short minutes. Shifting scene to a late night beach bonfire ‘Stand In My Sunshine’ invokes 60’s mellow rock complete with lazy slurred guitar riffs and Chris Adolf’s drawling Americana vocals oozing effortless cool. ‘When You Smile’ stands the band shoulder to shoulder with their modern peers The Smith Westerns and comes very close to beating them at their own Glam Rock game. With lines as timeless as "I like the shape of your lips / I like the shake in your hips" Adolf invokes the spirit of Marc Bolan in all his aural sensual glory. Send Bad Weather California back 40 years with these last two tracks and they’d be being quoted by 2011-12’s new bands as demi-gods. We now take an intermission with a palette cleanser in the form of ‘Big Yellow Ball’ as the band do their own sun dance to their great inspiration. Followed closely by just over a minute of good ‘ol fashioned LA Punk. ‘Skate Or Try’ does well to pay homage to the bands musical great influences but ‘Freaks and Geeks’ feels like it should have been used as the end of its precursor, and on its own is a bit of a mess. What wasn’t expected was the apparent shift to a funk guitar, hand-clap, hip-swaying number that is ‘Let It Shine’ with call and response breakdown leading into a 60’s rock n’ roll solo and swing drum cacophony. ‘I Feel Like Dancing’ channels White Denim’s garage-experimental style near perfectly and it becomes clear that Bad Weather California can turn their hands to pretty much any rock variation and nail it. ’I’ll Sing Along’ serves as the token slow track borrowing a little Lou Reed to sprinkle some charisma on the track. You really never know what’s going to hit you next on this album and when the ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ style bass and drum intro kicks in complete with saxophone it’s a more than welcome surprise, settling down into a toe-tapping glam track so 70’s it’ll make your parents teary eyed and nostalgic. Sunkissed borrows from a lot of artists to become what it is, but the best tracks are Bad Weather California’s own. The fine line between paying tribute and stealing styles is blurred drastically but they’ll get the benefit of the doubt in this case as what they have created is a blinding album that accomplishes just what it set out to do. And that is to make you feel like you’re with them, on that sun drenched beach, being filmed on a super8mm camera skating and generally being young and free via The 405
Mama Diabate Nambiyo Side A Nambiyo Koumbe Diara Tenen Kaba Bantan Side B Gbankole Danka Boli Fassoulouku Koumbe Diara Glittery and glammed out Manding pop from Guinea, perfectly balanced between traditional and modern persuasions. Vocals cut sharp, kora never dull, everything else falls into place / makes you want to dance. Don't stop. via ATFA
So, Pete from Dinowalrus, has unveiled his 80s sleaze/biker/arena metal project, LOVEWRECKER and is offering (just in time for Valentine’s Day) a free download of a Whitesnake cover. The song poses the sonic question: what if Whitesnake were a bit more into the NWOBHM and were fronted by Bon Scott? Listen. Downloadable: Slide It In (Whitesnake) (mp3) via Gimme Tinnitus
TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin are Trabajo. The duo have been busily posting tracks (free d/ls) to their bandcamp. Here their latest song which is tagged: experimental post punk choubi cyber sex punk ethnic noise taiwan. Listen. Downloadable: Black Practice (mp3) They also made this here creepy video for “Black Practice” out of an unedited sequence from The Giant of Metropolis. (Nobody tell Umberto Scarpelli, ok?) Watch. Streamable: Black Practice (youtube) Upcoming NYC Shows: February 11th @ Brooklyn Fireproof February 16th @ The Grand Victory March 11th @ Cake Shop April 11th @ La Sala Cultural Center Trabajo is on Bandcamp Trabajo is on Facebook Trabajo is on Trabajo is on Hype Machine Trabajo is on KimDawn BONUS: No Mind (mp3) via GIMME TINNITUS
TEDDY * CLOUDY Haha ! This is mid weird / mid fun….so this is great !! And even inspired in cloudy days.Teddys naif sound is like a full cup of sugar.  Diabetes alert! So cool Teddy,one of those tunes that makes your day a little happier Source : SoundCloud /  T e d d y via Egyptian Maracas
BODY II BODY * HOLD ME I personally melt with new soft house projects.And Body II Body are nowadays in my spotlight,radar or whatever you like to call it….. The thing is : Housier dance ingredients sprinkled with soulful soft powder.Are you getting it ? Hungry for more BIIB,lets digg them and ♫▼load via Egyptian Maracas
SUN GLITTERS * THERE ( GHOST ARK REMIX ) I imagine all of you have heard latest Sun Glitter “High EP “ released just a week ago.An we all know his landscapin sunny sounds. So,now Ghostepper “Ghost Ark” has given his track “There ” a new vision.….lighty images of Sun Glitters get darker and dub comes around.The result is what we want for a remix : new way to give an extra live for a track.And this time a tune in the opossite way.Big ups for Ghost Ark! load via
The story of Kathy Peck who founded one of the first nonprofits for musicians experiencing hearing loss.
For synesthetes and non-synesthetes alike, the visualization of music is an intriguing and fascinating concept.