In Part II, Dr. Charis Kubrin discusses the politicization of her study and her frustrations as a researcher of people basing policy and opinions around partisan ideals instead of empirical evidence.
Dr. Charis Kubrin joins the show to discuss her recent paper exploring California's Prop 47 and its effects on crime.
A researcher studying size and self-esteem was attacked by the internet's most insecure trolls.
In Part III, Alicia Walker discusses her plans for future studies and the politicization of sex studies, particularly by conservative/far right leaning people.
In Part II, Alicia Walker discusses how bogus coverage of her study spread, her surprise at the response, how upset she was to close the study, & more.
In Part I, Alicia Walker describes the motivations behind her size and self-esteem study, what she thought would be a revolutionary methodology, and how online coverage torpedoed the research.
Rachel Wetts joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring white racial resentment for welfare programs, entitled "Privilege on the Precipice."