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As protests continue to unfold in Turkey, Turkish Americans share their support.
How the sheer fact that we know anything about Edward Snowden puts critics on defense.
Twitter and Google have released transparency reports in the past, but what does that mean in light of the NSA PRISM scandal?
For App Week on BTR, social media maven Veronica De Souza (who created the 'Binders Full of Woman' Tumblr account) talks to Molly Freeman about the new changes to the social media platform since they were acquired by Yahoo last month. But first, Molly's on the phone with Rich Jones, the CEO of OpenWatch, a suite of apps that help turn your smartphone into a surveillance device to help keep authorities in check.
Sometimes there is no method to madness, just mayhem.
The stupidity of posting about the “simpler, better” past and what that means for the present.
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Your weekend roundup of political action in New York City this weekend. Bad weather be damned!
An LGBT organization slams Obama for supporting an evangelical group with ties to anti-gay legislation in Uganda.
While Britain votes to allow same-sex marriage, The Boy Scouts of America postpone the decision on whether or not to lift the ban on gay members.
In case you didn’t know it, viral videos are in.
Today is the 20th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act. We talk sick leave for food service workers and sexist Super Bowl ads.
What happens when misinformation goes viral?
You've just tuned in to The Daily Beat and welcome to the very first show! Today we talk sex trafficking and The Super Bowl, racist ads, and human rights injustices abroad.
It's Sense Week on BTR! Andrew Phillips of the National Association of the Deaf joins us (vicariously) to talk about disability issues in the 21st century, and Dr. Kristopher Wells returns to talk about a new ad from his No Homophobes campaign that calls into question the equal treatment of obscenities and derogatory language in the eyes of censors.