Shell Games
DJRePete closes out the year with part 2 of his ‘best-in-mix’ 2011. Tune in for alternative from Bright Eyes and You Say France and I Whistle, mellow tracks with Bon Iver and The Head and the Heart, and electronica crossover via Thomas Tantrum and Pepper Rabbit. Plus more New Year’s Eve shows to highlight for any last minute concert goers, and the festivals abound as summer hits full swing down under. Ride out 2011 with this eclectic mix on BTR with DJRePete!
Satisfying your thirst for new music, and the balance of a good music mix, check in today with DJRePete, who’s got a preview of the talent playing the CMJ Music Marathon as well as the upcoming Harvest Festival going down down-under in Australia. Plus, tune in for alternative from Bright Eyes, beats from M+A, and jazz-funk infused set with Da Cruz. Also, check in with BTR artists from this time last year with a throwback set from Your Youth, Rickolus, and Brass Bed. That about sums up the start to your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete!