Stephen Eakin’s recent work explores the connection between objects and their associated meanings, and how the context for that meaning comes to exist.
Max Colby is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work reframes traditional notions of domesticity, power, and gender through a queer and non-binary lens.
Kiran has earned an Honors BA from St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University, a BFA from Lesley University’s Art Institute of Boston and an MFA from Hunter College. She has exhibited in solo and…
Katherine Mitchell DiRico uses drawing, sculpture, light, and sound elements to create multimedia installations that investigate how we negotiate connectivity and sense perception in today’s networked world.
Jeremy Olson is an American artist working in painting, video, sculpture and photography. His references range from the commercial still-life to science fiction.
Sarah Walko is a multi-media artist whose work is inspired by literature and by the structure of storytelling
Althea Rao is an interdisciplinary artist who calls herself a cultural facilitator. She creates social engagement models to facilitate open and playful conversations around topics that are…
Anh Thuy Nguyen’s work consists of installation, sculpture and performance that allegorize the interpersonal affect between bodies against the landscape of displacement, absence and nostalgia.
MaryKate Maher is a sculptor from Brooklyn, New York. Her work addresses nature, not as a harmonious self-regulating state, but as a series of tenuous negotiations and truces liable to fall apart at any second.
Julia Betts is a Pittsburgh- based artist whose work veers toward the intersection of sculpture, performance and installation.
Molly Valentine Dierks explores the expanding field of sculpture through her work across media
Kylin is a multidisciplinary artist whose work employs ancient symbolism, ritualistic repetition, transformative energy, natural and supernatural systems and the physics of space, material and…
Cari Freno is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Her work draws inspiration from the fields of psychology and education and their focus on the human condition.