New Year’s Week – We culled a list of the best concerts to bring in the New Year so that you don’t have to.
Oakland post rockers Unconditional Arms and San Francisco straight-up rockers Wild Decade are featured this month, and a sneak peek at a set by San Francisco retro rockers Li Xi closes out the final Bay Area Live of 2014. Happy holidays!
This month Bay Area Live features a set by Portland’s Radiation City, who played at the Rickshaw Stop here in San Francisco on November 23. The band just recorded a new record here in SF at Tiny Telephone Studios and are out on the road testing some of the new material as well as playing some of their older material. Bay Area Live listeners get a sneak peek of their new album! If you like what you here, I had the pleasure of premiering a b-side from the as-yet untitled and unannounced new album on the Bay Area music blog I write for, It’s well worth a listen as well! But first, enjoy this live set from Radiation City.
Makeshift Week – Makeshift Society is a haven for the creative freelancer.
How a rotating cast of drop-ins at a San Francisco club became the afrobeat talk of the town.
Playing the music of and speaking to Afrolicious founder Joe “Pleasuremaker” McGuire
This episode: Oakland’s BPos, a rap crew that celebrated the release of their new album “Positive Beings” at San Francisco’s Brick & Mortar, and I was there to capture it all. Plus, another killer set from the Music Video Race showcase, this time by the band Doppio. You might recall that last month I played sets by Your Cannons and Giggle Party, two other bands that played at Above DNA that night. I think you’ll like what Doppio has in store for ya…
The San Francisco, Calif-based “punkadelic moongayz” band who beckons you to choose your own adventure.
Playing the music of and speaking to San Francisco-based soul rebels Future Twin.
The San Francisco, California-based musician with his own way around weird.
Playing the music of and speaking to San Francisco, CA-based pig owner Luke Sweeney.
Welcoming back the man who would be king of Cleveland (if he had never left).
A group of concerned architects, designers, and planners are petitioning against inhumane prison architecture.
While San Francisco may, these days, be better known for more jangly and psych-inspired taste, Happy Fangs is a SF-based band making uncharacteristically badass rock ‘n roll. And it’s refreshing to get a kick in the ass from something with a little more rock power. Originally a duo — with such a cute, “met sharing a practice space,” story — it quickly became clear that Rebecca Gone Bad and Mr. Cobra needed a live drummer who could match their fierceness to take the band where it needed to go. Appropriately, their search for “a woman who plays drums as hard as Dave Grohl” led them to Jess G., and she’s more than capable of living up to the expectation. Musically, there’s a lot of pop in their hard rock (or perhaps it’s the other way around) and their theatrical-tinged performance has more than a little bite.
Have you ever wished for a social app designed just for fashion? Well, WiShi is here to grant your wish! Part virtual closet from “Clueless,” part Polyvore, WiShi gives you access to an unlimited social circle of fellow fashionistas, who are all ready and excited to help you look your best! On today’s show, WiShi’s Lia Kislev talks about how she and co-founder Hila Angel developed their idea for this ingenious app, she offers some tips on how to use WiShi’s great features, and she shares some exciting new developments coming up for the WiShi community! Plus, a playlist full of great new music – I’ve got the latest today from My Brightest Diamond, Spider Bags, Matt Kivel, and a sneak peek at the upcoming debut from SOS, a talented new electronic duo out of Portland. So join us for a stylishly social hour with Sew & Tell on BTR!
The San Francisco/Austin-based band trying to get you high without getting high.
Meet new people with common interests through the innovative mobile app ONE.
Mickey Hart and a leading neuroscientist team up to explore virtual reality, music, and the brain.
“I can take something like prison and make it into something positive,” says a graduate of the prison program, The Last Mile.