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“The product has to be beautiful because the process is beautiful. Each step has to beautifully fit together…” – Noah Guy of Joshu + Vela In honor of BreakThru Radio’s Innovator Week, I have a truly innovative designer on today’s show. Noah Guy creates Joshu + Vela, a line of stunning hand-crafted bags, from his studio in San Francisco, employing natural materials and dyes. The majority of his materials are sourced from the U.S., and the results are beautifully durable, stylish bags that are at once reminiscent of the past and perfectly suited for the future. On today’s show, Noah will talk about the path to starting his own line, the ethics and challenges of creating with U.S.-sourced materials, and an oak-tanned leather he uses that makes each bag truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, great music in the mix today, with new tracks from Plants and Animals, Virgin Forest, Virals, and even a weird-but-wonderful Buddy Holly remix. So turn up the volume, enjoy, and just try to resist the siren song of your own new Joshu + Vela bag…