Think that sustainable fashion means forgoing fur? Fur-get it! Time to shift your perspective, and there’s a fresh, made-in-the-USA line of fur outerwear called Iterrati to show you how you can stay warm & glam responsibly. Meredith Eggers and Lisa Federico are two friends in San Francisco who decided to take on a new adventure together. Last year, they launched their own line of re-claimed, re-purposed, re-designed vintage furs called Iterrati. Not only are these gorgeous pieces recycled, but Meredith and Lisa re-imagine them into brand new, chic, modern silhouettes that still preserve their vintage heritage. On today’s show, Meredith will talk about how Iterrati began, the process through which they develop vintage furs into new Iterrati pieces, and some of their work with non-profits. Plus, a fabulous playlist full of fun new “stocking stuffer” singles from some of the best names in indie rock today, including of Montreal, Islands, Fol Chen, Spector and more. So stay tuned, stay warm, and join us to learn about sustainable fur…
Today we check out set two of Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey’s live show from February 12, 2010 at the Coda in San Francisco. They have a new album out now and are currently on a big national tour.
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is all over the jam news lately with a new album and national tour to celebrate this fall. Today we check out what the buzz is all about with set one of a live show from February 12, 2010 at the Coda in San Francisco.