Samantha Spoto
Boozeless doesn’t need to be boring. For everyone out there who has chosen to curb their drinking this New Year’s, BTR has rounded up a few fun tips to help you survive your sober celebration.
BTR’s burrito connoisseur gives you her five favorite bites from this year.
BTR chats with Tenenbaums, a dream rock trio from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The group shares some of their new sounds they'll be experimenting with, including synths, on their upcoming release.
BTR chats with Tenenbaums, a dream rock trio from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
BTR catches up with Brooklyn-based improvisational artist Ben Seretan. He's traded coasts, instruments, and passions on a quest to rediscover happiness.
BTR catches up with Brooklyn based improvisational artist Ben Seretan.
BTR chats with New York-based rocker Anna Rose about her rock roots, constantly evaluating your surroundings, and her forthcoming release.
The nocturnal staffers who clock in after the sun sets sacrifice time with their families--but how are they also surrendering their health?
BTR chats with Baltimore-Based indie rockers, The Milestones. They draw from a variety of influences, including ambient rock, blues, and alternative.
BTR chats with Baltimore based indie rockers, The Milestones.
Journalist and blogger James Renner speaks with BTR about the power of online interactive journalism to uncover cold case murders.
BTR chats with Brooklyn based band Infinity Girl about their sophomore LP and their plans for a future release.
BTR chats with Brooklyn based band Infinity Girl about their sophomore LP and their plans for a future release.
BTR staffers take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test to see if the results align with their own perceptions of themselves.
BTR chats with the lead singer of We Leave At Midnight about their upcoming sophomore release.
BTR chats with the lead singer of We Leave At Midnight about their upcoming sophomore release.
BTR’s burrito connoisseur dishes about her 100th burrito.
BTR catches up with the pop-rock band East Love to chat about their creative process and their future plans.
What if the tables were to turn? Some female lawmakers hope to find out.
BTR staffers determine whether or not intimacy can be created through staring into one another’s eyes.
There are so many things to love about Thanksgiving dinner, but here are a few of our favorites! BTR staffers tell you what they look forward to every year.
BTR chats with multi-instrumentalist Mauricio Vazquez (Fair Coyote) about the creative process for his debut EP.
Some South Koreans gorge meals via webcam for adoring fans.
BTR chats with Emma Witmer about her teen angst-inspired debut and the beauty hidden in junk shops.
BTR chats with Lucien Fraipont of Brussels-based band Robbing Millions about their upcoming debut.
BTR chats with Lucien Fraipont of Brussels-based band Robbing Millions about their upcoming debut.
From ouija boards and pagan rituals to run-ins with potential murderers, BTR staffers share their strangest moments. Buckle up, it's going to get weird...again.
BTR chats with the founder of Punk Talks, a project that provides mental health services to touring musicians who struggle with anxiety or depression.
BTR heads to Fest 14 and checks in with a few fans who make this punk pilgrimage year after year. The show featured popular headliners like Andrew WK, The Menzingers, and Weston, a Philly-based four-piece who reunited for this event after being inactive for the last five years.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane are joined by Samantha Spoto to chat about grammar and online dating. Then, the three analyze what the number of sexual partners we've had says about us. The show wraps with an in-depth discussion between Molly and Dane regarding the three most recent episodes of FXX's 'You're the Worst.'
Mystery Week - It seems that for as much as we know, there is even more that we do not. Scientists may have discovered water on Mars, but is there life? We know there’s life on Earth, but how did it originate?
New York City has started to wind down after another successful CMJ Music Marathon, but the buzz around certain bands continues to linger. One band in particular caught the attention of us here at BTR, an alternative foursome originally from West Palm who have found their way into the Brooklyn scene called Hypoluxo.
Mobile Week - When you search the hashtag #Vanlife on Instagram, nearly 300,000 photos and videos appear. A curated collection of camper vans beside golden, Rocky Mountain landscapes and lakeside views from the Pacific Northwest adorn the screen. Ryan Sellmeyer, one of the many photographers posting to the tag, spoke with BTR about putting rubber to the road and the endless adventures that await.
Over the years, many members of Animal Flag have come and gone, but the current lineup brings serious talent to the project: lead singer and guitarist Matt Politoski, guitarist Sai Boddupalli, bassist Zach Weeks, and drummer Alex Pickert. BTR chatted up Politoski about the evolution of Animal Flag and the thriving music community in Boston.
Farm Road Hospitality opened a pop-up at Madison Square Eats this September in the hopes of spreading the word about their upcoming brick and mortar shop. The team curates delicious state fair-inspired food and boasts a seasoned chef who has worked at countless places, including Momofuku.
Mobile Week – As of last year, 90 percent of American adults were cell phone owners, according to Pew Research Center. Here is how we at BTR perceive this omnipresent technology.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane start off by discussing five ways people might be slut-shaming women. Then, the pair delves into the debate over Justin Bieber's most recent hit, "What Do You Mean?" and whether or not the song condones rape or promotes consent. The show wraps with the hosts joined by Samantha Spoto and the three chat about friendships and work relationships.
As this month comes to a close, burrito connoisseur Samantha Spoto reaches 90 burritos. With three months to go before the year's end, it seems Spoto will not only meet her goal of 100 burritos, but she will exceed it. Check out where she ate this month.
Pop Week - Many figures in pop culture are incredibly popular for a reason. That said, we at BTR will unveil the reasons we admire our particular favorites so dearly.
Several BTR staff members checked out Sabores on Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. The highly-rated Mexican joint serves up spicy sauces, fresh guacamole, and even margaritas as long as you bring your own tequila.
After writing music together for the last three years, The Winter Passing has great reason to celebrate. The Irish five-piece released their debut LP, 'A Different Space of Mind,' just last week. BTR checks in with The Winter Passing and gets the rundown on their LP.
The Brass Rail, located on Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey, offers bottomless brunch on weekends starting at 11:30am. Brunchers who typically hop across the Hudson River for bottomless options can rejoice in the fact that The Brass Rail offers the same deal for a comparable price.
Interested in space exploration? Ruckzuck might be the band for you. The psychedelic trio hailing from Long Island, NY, has the power to transport you to alternative dimensions. Ruckzuck consists of lead singer Faith Kelly (who also plays the keys, ukulele, and kazoo), Nick Bedo (guitar), and his brother Matt (drums).
Fall Week - With the drop in temperature, vibrant visual schemes of leaves changing to various shades across the red, yellow, and orange spectrum, plus the absence of mosquitoes, what’s not to love about fall hiking?
Open Week - There are many types of grand openings, including restaurant debuts and movie premieres, and some members of the BTR staff have had a chance to check out a few. From nerdy midnight movie premieres to band documentary releases, not to mention the re-opening of The Westcott Theater to a Central Perk pop-up cafe, these are the grand openings attended by BTR staffers.
The documentary ‘Never Get Tired’ chronicles the success of DIY punk band Bomb the Music Industry! and other elements of the scene. Samantha Spoto watched the film recently at the SVA Theatre in NYC.
Labor Week - A decade has just passed: on Aug 29, 2005, one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States tore through the Greater New Orleans area. How far have the efforts of volunteer organizations gone to help New Orleans in the wake of Katrina?
In this month's installment of Guac is Extra, columnist Samantha Spoto details her most recent burrito encounters. As August comes to a close, she reaches 79 burritos on the year. With just 21 to go by New Year's Eve, it looks like she'll have to up the ante.
Whitewash consists of lead singer and guitarist Sam Thornton, bassist Jonathan Ben-Menachem, rhythm guitarist Aram Demirdjian, and drummer Evan Glazman. We chatted with the band about sexual innuendoes, grandmothers, and the release of their debut album 'Shibboleth', out now via Tree Machine Records.
Surface Week - There are many reasons for women to put on makeup: to accentuate certain features, to display their mood, or to portray themselves in a certain way. There are as many reasons to wear--or not wear--makeup as there are women. Some women of BTR weigh in on why they don makeup.
School Week - While teachers are necessary for many lessons, there are some skills we can learn alone. We at BTR have taught ourselves how to play the sitar, sew, and stir fry.
At this point in time, the stereotype that food on college campuses is a joke still holds up for many. Tons of schools are serving mass-produced food to their students, and plenty of these same colleges and universities even offer fast food from chains like Dunkin' Donuts and Wendy’s.
College is not the time for designing a sophisticated domestic setting. Therefore, it’s best to be discerning of what not to pack for school. From your favorite books to toasters, BTR staffers have rounded up the best items to leave behind.
Excess Week - Everyone has certain things we can't get enough of. In honor of Excess Week here on BTR, some of the staffers disclose items, people, or pastimes that they love almost to the point of excess.
Sony Pictures Animation has outbid Warner Bros. and Paramount and will be working to create a movie about emoji. The movie announcement came at a time when box office numbers seem to favor quirky, animated stories.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss how they stay happy. They also review Veronica Chavez's piece "Explaining Happiness," and apply the ways to stay happy to their own lives. Then, the pair reads through an AskMen piece about online dating mistakes. The show wraps with an analysis of office temperatures. The hosts are joined by Jess Goulart and Samantha Spoto to talk about the viral New York Times piece "Chilly at Work? Office Formula Was Devised for Men."
At the heart of DIY, queer punk duo PWR BTTM's spirited sets are quick and catchy songs that touch on a range of topics. From foods loaded with carbohydrates, to more serious topics like love and gender, PWR BTTM covers all the bases. BTR chats with PWR BTTM about the writing process for their upcoming full-length.
From cheese fries to grilled cheese to spaghetti, our favorites have one thing in common: carbohydrates.
Happiness Week – How do we stay happy? BTR staffers spell out the strategies we use in our daily lives, including painting nails, hiking the forest pats, finding neighborhood cats, or translating our feelings of felicity into words.
Pinegrove's current line-up consists of lead singer and guitarist Hall, Nick Levine also on guitar, his brother Zack Levine on drums, Adan Feliciano on bass, and Nandi Plunkett on keys. BTR recently spoke with Pinegrove's frontman about the band's beginnings and where they are headed next.
Samantha Spoto wraps up July with a handful of burritos from all over the New York area. Calexico, Mexicali Blue, and Taco Shack all make appearances as Spoto hits 72 burritos with still five months left to go.
Roots Week - In the early 2000s, a handful of patients explained to Dr. Joel Gold that they believed their lives were being recorded secretly for reality television. Like the 1998 film 'The Truman Show', in which every aspect of Jim Carrey's life is scripted unbeknownst to him, Gold's patients convinced themselves that they were merely pawns in a vast, staged scheme.
Samantha Spoto checks out Otto Pizza on Portland, Maine's Congress Street. Eclectic slices, good service, and solid happy hour deals set Otto's apart from the pack.
PHOTOBLOG: This summer, BTR staffers traveled all around the tri-state area as well as to other parts of the USA and the world. Tanya Silverman traveled to Detroit where she visited the Henry Ford Museum and the Belle Isle Conservancy. Ashley Rodriguez journeyed out West to see Mt Hood in Oregon and outdoor chess in Seattle, while Kenneth Miller cruised to Bermuda.
Reality Week - We at BTR have made the effort to experience locations like the Jersey shore’s Shore Store to New Orleans’ Cafe du Monde, both on screen and off. What were these places like in real life as opposed to on TV or in movies? Read to find out.
Shaka Burrito is a Hawaiian-themed burrito joint located on 23rd Street in Manhattan between Second and Third Ave. The restaurant boasts "grass fed, GMO-free New Zealand beef," as well as "non-GMO basmati brown rice and cooking oil," which means Shaka is off to an impressive start.
The members of Scout Boys may spend as much time trying to convince you that aliens exist as they do playing music. Sometimes, they manage to do both simultaneously. BTR chats with members of the Long Island-based band about their debut LP.
Brandon Doman, founder of The Strangers Project, invites people to share their handwritten stories. He chats with BTR about the history of his project and how he wants to keep expanding it.
On the west end of Portland, Maine's Congress Street sits Hot Suppa, a cozy restaurant serving up southern comfort classics. For the Fourth of July, we are celebrating our nation with a fusion of American favorites.
This month's edition of Guac is Extra sees Samantha Spoto jetting off to Maine for a few burritos. The first sushi burrito in NYC also makes an appearance as she hits 61 'ritos on the year.
Fan Week - It seems as though there are two types of concert attendees: those that are constantly taking photos and videos of the event and those that leave their phones/cameras in their pockets or at home. Since many of us here at BTR enjoy some live music now and again, we decided to chime in on the matter.
Fan Week - What are cult films? Why and how do they maintain a devoted audience for so many years? BTR looks into the culture of cult classics like 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' and their legacy with fans.
Fan Week - Festivals are fabulous. You get to enjoy the outdoors, try new foods, immerse yourself in a sea of eclectic individuals, and of course, listen to live music. BTR rounds up all the handy tips you need to make it through the sea of flower crowns in one piece.
Anyone who cooks as often as some of us here at BTR will find it pretty simple to conjure up images of their most prized kitchen possession. You know exactly what we mean if you fit into this category, too. For us, the essentials range from a simple knife to a celebrity-signed container.
On June 8, Seattle-based Starbucks announced six new flavors of Frappuccino in celebration of the blended beverage's 20th anniversary. The variations are dubbed Fan Flavors in honor of customers' favorite ingredient combinations; they include Caramel Cocoa Cluster, Cinnamon Roll, Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Lemon Bar, and Red Velvet Cake.
Rain Week - In our stimulating world, it proves difficult for HSPs to escape the sensory overload. For a highly sensitive person, excess stimuli can create an overwhelming and anxiety-inducing experience that feels unavoidable.
Rain Week - With more and more modern technology--television, internet, radio, internet radio, smartphones, and apps--there are numerous ways of getting the weather report for the day before venturing outside. BTR staffers chime in on how they get their weather reports.
Guac Is Extra columnist Samantha Spoto recounts her journey through the month of May. She's up to 48 burritos of the year and has had several new 'ritos in the past few weeks.
Today marks the first day of Throwback Week here at BTR and we thought it best to kick it off with a celebration of our favorite discontinued food products. Aside from a few pleas to bring them back, we’re also talking about our own personal experiences.
Vacation Week - We long to get away from our confining routines. Instead of sulking about feeling trapped, we should instead try to find ways to take mini-vacations in the places we live.
The Symphony Space in NYC celebrates the writings of best-selling author Chuck Palahniuk. Sarah Steele, Alex Hurt, and others read stories authored or appreciated by Palahniuk.
Blacklist Week - BTR is getting a jump on Banned Books Week by discussing our favorite books that have been challenged or banned either in the United States or abroad. Our picks include 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower', 'The Catcher in the Rye', and more.
Read between the lines to understand the importance of writing in one artist's creative process; Basquiat’s open notebooks at the Brooklyn Museum provide such opportunity.
BTR took its talents to the biannual foodie haven that is the Mad. Sq. Eats pop-up here in NYC where we tasted everything from beer to ice cream sandwiches to tuna hand rolls.
FOMO Week - Individuals with heightened levels of FOMO appear to spend an excessive amount of time probing the internet with the intentions of staying in check with the world beyond their immediate reach. How the "fear of going out" may help redefine individuality.
This week on The Hash, DJs Molly and Dane begin by discussing FOMO and how it pertains to their personal romantic lives. Then, the pair chats about the new era of rom-coms in response to a piece. The show wraps as the DJs are joined by DJ Samantha to discuss platonic friendships between men and women.
Dish + Drink's Guac Is Extra columnist Samantha Spoto helps celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this homemade burrito. Coleslaw, avocado cilantro lime rice, and orange barbecue pulled pork come together in this Mexican-inspired fare.
FOMO Week - FOMO prevails in our daily lives. We miss out and it causes us to feel jealous, envious, or regretful. Alas, there are many ways to fight and get over the feeling.
In the spirit of FOMO Week, the BTR Editorial team discusses our favorite spots to grab a cup of joe both in and out of New York. From Manhattan to Brooklyn and Massachusetts to Germany, we've included the places we love most.
Storytellers gather in NYC to share personal writing for the Moth StorySLAM. Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in SoHo hosted one of these events last week, where writers shared their experience with distance.
This month, Samantha takes on 11 more burritos to reach a total of 35/100. It seems she's right on track to complete her challenge by the year's end.
Climate Week - Every two years, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) elects a single city to host the Olympic Games. The IOC awarded Sochi, Russia, the 2014 Games five years prior, after the city professed to implement an environmentally conscious approach to hosting the 14-day event.
Laurie Simmons' photo exhibit at the Jewish Museum in NYC critiques a culture in which people alter themselves to look like dolls. Observers can consider the ways in which people alter their appearance with costumes, cosmetics, and in extreme cases, plastic surgery.
It's that time of year: Girl Scout cookies are back! Here are our favorites.
The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum honors World War II icon, Rosie the Riveter.
The second installment of Guac is Extra details quality burritos at high prices.
A panel surveyed Riot Grrrl through the ‘90s through today’s feminist platforms in punk rock.
Feminists and activists gathered at Barnard College for the third New York City Feminist Zinefest.
This week, The Hash covers wearing the same outfit every day, the 2015 Oscars, and social media.
Dish + Drink brings February to a close with a burrito round-up.
Selfie Week - How do selfies impact an individual's perception of self?