Trump is directly implicated in felonies, the establishment is looking to crush Medicare for All, and Paul Ryan’s long con.
Michael Flynn substantially cooperated with the Mueller investigation, and Wisconsin Republicans circumvent democracy.
It's a Russiagate Roundup, catching up on the news about the Putin Penthouse, the Moscow project, Michael Cohen's plea, and scrutiny on Jerome Corsi.
r/RussiaLago is a one-stop fear shop for hard news, crackpot conjecture and everything in between.
House conservatives move to impeach Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein, Michael Cohen feels betrayed, the White House bans a CNN reporter, and new documents show Stormy Daniels was targeted by Columbus police.
Bryce Covert joins us to discuss universal childcare, paid family leave, and the North Carolina teachers’ strike. Also, Trump calls for a DOJ investigation into an already existing investigation,…
David Klion on Israel’s violence in Gaza and a better way to think about the Russia investigation. Also, Trump calls some undocumented immigrants “animals,” and a video of a Manhattan racist…