Hailing from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, perhaps the most obvious trait of Rosco Bandana is their striking live energy. The songs are fast, the musicians are tight, and, most importantly, their blend of Americana and folk is tempered with a strong helping of Southern sweetness and a seeming desire to get a little rowdy. They are, after all, the product of teenage rebellion and its consequences, born out of principle songwriter Jason Sanford’s efforts to break out of his strict Christian upbringing and his subsequent discovery of indie rock. The band visited BTR Live Studio to play some songs and to sit down with Maia to talk a bit about how they found themselves winning the competition that landed them a record deal with Hard Rock Records.
The Two Man Gentlemen Band is comprised of a fine pair of showmen with the best of taste in all things food, beverage, and general good times. The Gents play retro music of the hot jazz and retro swing variety (which they deliver to recitals on the roots and americana circuit via minivan) that harkens back to decades past -- pre-irony and electric instruments, and full of humor and wit. Their latest LP, Two At A Time, was recorded live to monophonic analog tape, using exclusively 1940s and 50s microphones and equipment without the use of any digital effects.