Mmmmmm, food! We’ve got lots of it for you too. Basically, Hanabi and Insane Dane are out here stretching our waistlines so that you don’t have to. But seriously, Hanabi went to Trestle the other day and had what can only be described as a super delicious, four course price-fixe menu for a measly $45 clams. Although the star of the show wasn’t the entree course, but rather the pasta, it was still well worth it. Check out the show to see how worth it. Hanabi also has a simple, yet delicious recipe for Queso Fundido which if you’re unfamiliar is melted cheese and chorizo. Any questions? Hanabi also visited Lost Lake Cafe for a little of that throwback, retro diner thing that NOBODY else is doing these days. Insane Dane pretty much ends the controversy of how to drink bourbon and eat mac n cheese when you’ve only got minutes to spare. The secret is to mix them together. Check out his take on Bourbon mac n cheese on the old Dish + Drink blog if you don’t believe me. He also makes a killer Gin + Juice for a guy from New Jersey.
Roots Week - On the wet slopes of Borneo’s montane cloud forests, beneath a labyrinthine canopy of prehistoric tree ferns and dripping sphagnum mosses, grows one of the planet’s strangest evolutionary treasures: the plant with an appetite for flesh.
Roots Week - New York City’s ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) was first launched in 1985 by founder and director B. George. In its humble beginnings, the ARC existed in George’s 800 square foot third story walkup in Tribeca. It held 47,000 sound recordings at the time, accumulated by George throughout his work as a DJ, producer, and author.
Today we learn and ask: What are the roots that make us who we are and sustain us?
Roots Week - In the early 2000s, a handful of patients explained to Dr. Joel Gold that they believed their lives were being recorded secretly for reality television. Like the 1998 film 'The Truman Show', in which every aspect of Jim Carrey's life is scripted unbeknownst to him, Gold's patients convinced themselves that they were merely pawns in a vast, staged scheme.
No matter where you roam, you're always coming home. Third Eye Weekly host Zach Schepis returns to New York City’s Madison Square Park to ask people about their roots. Whether a lineage of Italian immigration, military brotherhood, spiritual seeking, or artistry, everyone has a seed from which they've grown.
Roots Week - Today, DNA testing and tracing back ancestral roots is actually considered one of America’s most popular hobbies. How much can individuals really learn about themselves by exploring family trees?