Nice! Lots of good PUNK MUSIC records have come out lately and you’re gonna hear them NOW. New tracks from some of today’s brightest musical stars… Stars like PROM NITE! Like VEXX! Like VANITY! And STRANGE PASSAGE! And so many more, it’ll make your head spin. I swear.      
If you’re looking for some true-blue rock’n’rollers, here they are: The Mystery Lights is a concoction of blues, punk, psych, and garage rock that creates some of the best tunes you’ll hear all year!
Ladies and gentleman: Go-go listen to the Death Valley Girls! The L.A.-based band with all the loving tenderness of a buzz saw. They’ve got a ’60’s-pop sound, with a punk rock kick.
The sound’s of Las Rosas is perfect for your next trip to Rockaway beach. BTRtoday sits down with them to talk about their music, being NYC-based, and their outspoken opinions on The Goo Goo Dolls.
Rey Pila is the adolescent child of Depeche Mode and David Bowie, that was raised by wild Iggy Pop! This week we interview lead singer, Diego Solórzano and listen to their album “The Future Sugar.”
Meet Lou and Ben from Winstons. A NYC-based band that has only drums and guitars, accompanied by some heartbreaking rock’n’roll lyrics that’s sure to get you movin’ and swoonin’!
The wildest chicks heading the most badass band you’ll ever hear! This week we talk with Toronto-based band Dilly Dally about their big break, punk rock, and Lady Gaga.
Yazan, is the most well-rounded musician you’ll find anywhere in NYC, maybe the world! His bluesy vibes and guitar riffs don’t keep him from exploring all kinds of new music mediums.
Grab your dad and your drugs, because on this week’s Discovery Corner we’re talking to the Brooklyn-based psych-punk band Acid Dad!
Combine Dick Dale with The Buzzcocks and you’ve got Tijuana Panthers—the Californian based band that will give you a pick-me-up and a kick in the gut all at once!
BTRtoday talks to Lias Saoudi from the wild rock band Fat White Family about music making, touring, getting naked on stage, opening for Iggy Pop, and all kinds of fun stuff!
Holly Miranda is the badass, rock’n’roller chick you’d think only exists in movies. Her songs have heartbreaking lyrics backed by killer melodies that hit you right where it’s needed.
BTRtoday sits down with Donal and Fergus, band mates of Ded Rabbit—the UK based band consisting of three brothers equipped with English accents and rockin’ guitars.
Luna Rose is a band that you just are really going to want to hang out with. A trio recently turned four piece, they play sweet sweet sounds and have a damn good time doing it. Check them out!
What’s a beach without some creeps? Say hello to the band Beech Creeps! A band consisting of some of the most creative and expert musicians ready to rock your ears off!
Wow, we’re killin’ it yet again with a great set of brand new PUNK music. Hit records across the board from bands like The World, Patsy, Beta Boys, Macho Boys, and all the rest. It’s gonna hit you hard, it’s gonna hit you fast. You better be ready!