Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss how and why we should do away with private housing, robots who can say no to humans, and listener mail.
Synergy Week – Some predict that robophilia is the way of the future, while others argue against the ethics of sex robots. It’s hard to say for certain what year the practice could, should, or would eventually settle into society’s status quo--or by what terms tomorrow’s haters will bash it.
Labor Week – Driverless rail systems and line extensions have been installed in several cities, and there are more in the works. BTR looks at the perception and expansion of this technological evolution.
Hazards Week - Shared cabbie systems like Uber and Lyft have burgeoned in recent years, filling assorted holes in the medallion cab market. However, even those services have their downfalls, such as congesting city streets. How robo-cabs could be the beginning of a transportation revolution.
Nerd Week - The sentiment has been expressed time and time again: “Robots are stealing our jobs!” However, could humans learn to overcome this fear and have robot companions?