Whenever Tensnake releases something I am already assuming I’m going to like it. You’d think that would be a good thing, but I definitely like going into a show or listening to a song with little to no expectations. The thing with Tensnake though is even with my natural high expectations most everything always comes out amazing. This rework is just that. It’s a perfect little groover with some space… just the way I like it. My friend and electronic cohort likens electronic music to coming home with a chick. He doesn’t want to just walk in the place and go to town. He wants some space to feel things out. Maybe a nice glass a wine and some good conversation and then the good stuff. It’s the same with electronic music in my humble opinion. If you want a cheap bang Tensnake is not your man. This guy knows how to work a crowd or a girl. Wait what am I talking about again? #untz /tom Tags: Sugardaddy, tensnake via theuntzandtheindie