WFMU has sported Charles Manson on a Newark, NJ billboard since September.
Rihanna is a rockstar; not just because she belts on stage, but because she can put away some majorly delicious food.
Bowie, Prince, Haggard, Cohen, Jones—they were millions of people’s idols and will be for millions more. How are their deaths and the deaths of many other music heroes going to affect the industry?
Today is a little different, dear listeners. We all take a minute after the New Year to breathe and regroup. Instead of a guest on this week's show, you will hear my dulcet tones solo assess the supposed moral superiority of women and why the notion should trouble you if you are a feminist living in what will soon be a Trump/Pence/GOP country. Listen to excerpts from my piece, "Feminism Isn't About Moral Perfection," which you can check out for further reading here.