We chat with Anna Wexler about her most challenge aspect of making this film in terms of reckoning with her own past decisions to leave the orthodoxy.
What makes these young people, who’ve already rebelled from the religion in some sense, choose to venture to Israel after high school?
Unorthodox, which follows three Modern Orthodox Jewish teenagers through a post-high school year in Israel.
This week is Misfit Week. We’re going to talk about outsiders and outliers who skirt by the fringes of society, and examine why they choose to operate outside of these borders.
Why do some Christians forbid practicing martial arts? Why isn’t self-defense taught in Hebrew school? Is it only Eastern religions that do this? BTRtoday asks religion expert Dr. Swidler about the ins and outs of spiritual self-defense.
The Loney is an atmospheric literary horror story. Set largely on a bleak stretch of northern coast - the Loney - it charts the strange pilgrimage to a local shrine, instigated by the narrator Smith's mother 'Mummer', of an ill assorted group, hoping to find a cure for her other son Hanny's mutism and learning difficulties. The tension builds as members of the group fall out, the locals behave oddly and a secret room is unveiled at the house where they are staying. Smith and Hanny soon find themselves embroiled in a situation beyond their comprehension, but one that will change both their lives forever.
This week we get a lesson on the intersection of marketing, technology, social media, and (of course) Taylor Swift!
Rojava, leftist enclave in the Middle East, is employing radical politics in day to day life. Read more to find out what historical and cultural conditions led to such a seemingly unlikely change.
Part two of BTR's talk with the cofounder of the first church in the country to offer ancient and controversial psychedelic experiences to the public.
We speak with two creative individuals who are finding unconventional sources of inspiration: Trinity De Guzman and Ellen Bass.