In this episode, Cupcake shares a piece of advice a stranger gave her many years ago and how it has impacted her life over the years. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in…
In this episode, Ayanda shares what it was like to find out that some of her friends were Trump supporters. She explains what Donald Trump represents to her and the effect of his presidency on her life and relationships with others.   Music featured in this episode: "Walk Don’t Run" by CHIMNEY
In this episode, Latishe reminisces about a relationship that started purely based on physical attraction and how, during that time, she realized how important it is to be true to yourself. She also offers advice for those who might be trying to change themselves to make someone else happy.   Music featured in the episode: "Sunsetz" by Cigarettes After Sex
Get away from the curse of American sex: the baseball metaphor that starts with kissing and ends with vaginal or anal penetration.
It's not the SATs. Look for love with people smart enough to look stuff up.
In this episode, Ashley recounts her experience of moving to New York City and getting involved in a serious relationship very quickly -- maybe too quickly? She also shares what she learned from that relationship and how it affected her work as an artist.   Music featured in the episode: "You Are A Star" by Ty Richards
In this episode, Lea shares the story of a relationship that stemmed from a moment where she was acting like someone other than herself. She also offers her advice for anyone that is unsure of how they should act in a situation with a new crush.   Music featured in the episode: "Winners" by Delicate Steve
​In this episode, Alice talks about her first crush and, consequently, her first romantic letdown before getting to how she and her current boyfriend got together. Alice also offers advice on how to tell others how you feel for anyone who may be scared to take that leap. Music featured in the episode: "Hands Up" by Blood Orange
Reaching out and telling someone they rocked your sexual world in some way is nothing but a compliment.
Try telling yourself that water is anti-depression elixir so you will be hydrated in your misery.
You can’t get close too somebody without going through pain.
In “High Fidelity” the characters question what came first, the music or the misery? We talk to indie writer Laura Roberts, author of "Everything I Need To Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs" to find out!
Have you ever been told that you were a selfish, inconsiderate, manipulative, lying asshole by someone who identifies more strongly with those characteristics than you do? Were you aware of the reality of the dynamic but still beat yourself up with feelings of guilt and regret?