The Hudson Valley reggae band fusing island influences with a familiar feel.
Norwegian songwriter Susanne Sundfor exists at the intersection of two worlds (as cleverly depicted in the video for her single "The White Foxes") -- the ancient, natural world of forests and ruins, and the modern, manufactured world of technology, all covered in snow. This is true both thematically, as her songs are often lyrically cold and dark with subtle overtones of brilliant warmth, as well as sonically, blending lush piano elements with the more mechanical, almost industrial elements of pop music. Susanne stopped by to play some solo tunes and talk about the therapy of making art and how her own style developed. Featured song: “The Silicone Veil” Complete broadcast and audio playlist: The latest release by Susanne Sundfor, The Silicone Veil, is now available. Official website for Susanne Sundfor: Facebook: Twitter: @susannesundfor Find out more about BTRtv's programs at
Put simply, Grooms are a noise pop band based in Brooklyn. From shifting lineups and genre experimentation to near-breakups, Travis Johnson's signature pop songwriting has always been at the core of the group. Whatever shape they take, Grooms' songs can be identified by their use of unique guitar tunings, dark lyrics, and impeccable use of space in the music. The band stopped by to play some songs from their latest release, and to chat with Travis about the process behind making it.
Since the last time Speedy Ortiz dropped by our studio, the band has played countless shows all around the country and landed on the radar of the music scene at large. That same charming, lo-fi grunge sound that made them endearing early on still applies, but now the pairing of Sadie Dupuis' melodies with satisfying fuzz comes on like a confident juggernaut -- not that there was any lack of confidence before. If you're like us and have a serious soft spot for the likes of 90s greats such as Helium, Pavement, and Mazzy Star, Speedy Ortiz should already be your new favorite band. Here, we present a performance of “Casper (1995)” from their recent session for Serious Business on BTR.
Radical Dads are the Gowanus, Brooklyn-based trio of Lindsay Baker, Chris Diken, and Robbie Guertin (formerly of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah). In addition to pumping out great pop jams accompanied by only the most excellent artwork, the band professes their appreciation for "gummy snacks, hitting the fizz, snoozin’ on Sundays, meditation, meditating on pizza, pizza itself, sunglasses, friends, all-time peace, and the search for the attainment of the transcendence of coolness." We can get behind that. Oh, and the music rules, too. Here, we present an additional video from their recent session, featuring a performance of title track from their latest album.
The Kingston, Jamaica-based dancehall singjay sends his songs out to the ladies.
The South London folk quartet who can explain what they’re about in four tracks.
Young Things is a rock 'n roll band from New York City. With apparent influences from the Beatles to the Strokes, everything is in its rightful place here for their mission to get crowds dancing, drinking, and staying out all night. Aiming to be at the forefront of a raw garage rock revival, they've been inching closer to the spotlight, opening sold out shows for Jesse Malin and Har Mar Superstar and enlisting Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Band) to produce their record.
Brazos is the musical project of Martin McNulty Crane. Raised in Texas and currently residing in Brooklyn, his 2009 debut brought instant notoriety and gigs with notable acts such as Grizzly Bear, Vampire Weekend, The National, Iron & Wine, and pals White Denim. Back on the scene with an album recorded with new bandmates Spencer Zahn (bass) and Ian Chang (drums), Martin has further honed his unique style of pop storytelling. In this episode of BTR Live Studio, the trio plays some new songs and reveals the background of the project's name.
The Bronx-based reggae group that’s adding more things to the traditions of the genre than you might think.
Songwriter Matt Bauer was born in Kentucky -- though he recently lived in Brooklyn and currently calls Austin home -- and the music of the region makes itself apparent in his work. Drawing on traditional mountain music, bluegrass, and folk, his songs tell carefully crafted tales with heavy tones and fantastically crafted orchestration.
Warm Soda. The Blind Shake. Karl Blau. Grouper. Ty Segall Band. Jacco Gardner. Shannon and the Clams. Bjorn Rhode. KXP. These New Puritans. My Bloody Valentine. And more...
Snowden's mastermind and songwriter, Jordan Jeffares, crafted the long-awaited followup to the critically-acclaimed debut LP, Anti-Anti, through touring and moving the project's home base multiple times, ultimately landing in Austin, TX. No One In Control demonstrates how the band's sound changed in these years, abandoning some of its early dance party vibe for a more developed, mature stance, producing sounds perhaps more appropriate for solitary enjoyment via headphones than on a dancefloor full of sweaty hipsters, thus carving out a niche beyond its initial influences.
The MTA began enacting its fourth system-wide fare hike in five years on March 3rd. Commuters will now pay an added $1 fee for every MetroCard purchased in an effort to clean up stations and save resources. Overall, the MTA has raised MetroCard rates a total of 38 percent since 2008. This week on BTR Pulse, Lauren Hawker asks people their thoughts on this latest fare hike.
Hey Anna is a band with a distinct advantage over most: their core members have been playing music together their whole lives. The Rauch-Sasseen sisters (Anna, Erin, and Katie) hail from New Jersey and swap lead vocals and instruments in the band, which is rounded out with drums and lead guitar from two long-time best friends. The result is a mixture of gentle vocal harmonies, solid pop jams, and alt-rock hooks.
New Hampshire and reggae might not be synonymous but RoC is bridging the gap.
Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory. Flying Lotus. Nosaj Thing. Criminal Hygiene. Toy Love. Levek. Merchandise. California Z. And more...
Our DJs list their favorite albums that didn't quite get the credit they deserved in 2012. Part Deux.