When you hear "boat club," Brooklyn is probably not the first destination that comes to mind, but the North Brooklyn Boat Club is giving urban-dwellers the chance to hit the water while providing a mix of environmental education, awareness, and remediation programs. BTRtv’s Chelsea White spoke with Founding Board Member Jens Rasmussen about the organization.
The video game industry has seen a recent spat of broken or unfinished games being released to huge backlash. The most commonly cited reason is the break-neck speed of the development and publishing cycle.
Birthday Week - Birthday parties are fun when you’re a kid. An adult handles all the planning, heaps of people are almost guaranteed to show up, and there seems to be endless party ideas. BTR rounds up some creative birthday party ideas--whatever your taste may be.
Fan Week - This year’s E3 conference showed off technology the likes of which we’ve never seen. BTR gives a run down of the talks and offers insight on what the results of the conference mean for the future of gaming.