This cozy dish is perfect comfort food for the deep dark days of winter. It’s aromatic, filing, and the type of yummy that keeps you coming back for seconds, and licking your plate clean.
A favorite amongst BTR's Hannah Sutker's college roommates, this recipe takes up minimal time and is comprised of only four ingredients. It’s the perfect snack at a party or on game day!
This is the ultimate harvest dish for fall. Savory, sweet, and hearty, this squash dish is the perfect accompaniment to roast chicken or lamb.
Last month was National Bourbon Heritage Month, but because it was so hot here in the Northeast, we were focusing on drinks a bit more refreshing and less potent. Now that the transitional weather is finally upon is, we can celebrate bourbon for autumn, while still enjoying the last bits of warm weather that are still lingering.
Most of the people who know me know how much I love food, but only those closest to me know just how much I love sandwiches. I probably eat too many of them (sometimes two a day), but part of that comes from the ability to create anything I want and put it between two slices of bread. Sandwiches don’t have to be lame and can sometimes require just as much preparation as any other meal.
The autumn season may have just begun, but pear is already trending. So, instead of switching to heavier cocktails while Indian summer is sticking around, I’m offering up a recipe for a pear nectar margarita. It’s sweet, it’s refreshing, and it’s the perfect transition cocktail from Indian summer to full-blown fall.
Here on Dish + Drink, we publish a good deal of stories relating to a meatless diet. Thanks to resident vegetarians and vegans, we’re all learning more about what it’s like to lead a plant-based lifestyle. While I am not part of this group, I do look to make more conscious decisions than many Americans.
This dish is a rice stir fry, with ties to both standard stir fry and standard fried rice. So, if you’d like to turn this into a fried rice dish, you can do so easily by adding eggs and even some carrots or broccoli.
Labor Day has come and gone, which means grilling season for many is quickly nearing its end. Yes, we can pause to mourn, but we can also just take our steak-eating indoors. This sweet, salty, and savory steak salad can be made year round as long as you have a saute pan or skillet and a few ingredients. It’s delicious, filling, and about as lean as anything containing steak can be.
The flavor of spinach is much less potent than that of kale, and thus it can be masked more easily by the inclusion of some yogurt and fruit. With kale, this is not so, making it more difficult to blend a smoothie that tastes good enough to drink.
As summer nears its end, it’s time to start thinking about dishes that easily transition from summer to fall. This recipe calls for a heavier sauce than most summer dishes, but includes rose, which is incredibly popular for sipping in the hottest months.
This smoothie recipe includes Greek yogurt, carrots, and peaches for a vitamin- and protein-packed breakfast, snack, or post-workout boost.
Most Ward Eights include more than a dash of grenadine and sometimes they call for a maraschino cherry, but this one is a bit boozier than the classic. So, I cut it with extra citrus, and only added a dash of grenadine as well as some Peychaud’s bitters for additional depth.
This recipe brings together garlic chili shrimp with lemon, goat cheese, zucchini, white mushrooms, and fresh egg pasta. Three kinds of pepper add another layer of flavor to this zesty and spicy dish.
In a friendly competition, Dish + Drink's Dane Feldman fights his roommate for the title of best French fries. The jury's still out on whose were better, but the recipe for both steak fries and shoestring fries can be found here in the meantime.
At this point, most people are aware that green tea offers a plethora of health benefits. What you may not know, though, is that in matcha, the benefits are heightened. When you drink green tea, you aren’t actually consuming the leaves. Matcha powder, however, is made up of the ground leaves.
Chia seeds have long been considered beneficial to nutrition. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I started finding them on offer in my local food stores. So, I did some snooping around to see how great the seeds really are. As it turns out, they’re pretty great; they contain high levels of fiber and protein, while they are also low in calories.
This banana fried rice may not replace pineapple fried rice, but it's great on its own and it is simple to whip up. The brunch dish is sweet, savory, and peppery all in one, while providing a good amount of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins.
After checking out a few farmer's markets, Dish + Drink settles on some watermelon and homegrown cucumbers for a perfect summery treat. After all, National Watermelon Day was this week.
In the spirit of comfort food for Happiness Week, I thought today would be the perfect time to share an update on a classic: spaghetti and meatballs. This isn’t your grandmother’s spaghetti and meatballs, though, because this recipe calls for a combination of summer squash and zucchini noodles as well as ground turkey instead of ground beef.
It is Buzz Week here on BTR, and the Magic Bullet has been touted for quite some time now as a kitchen must-have. Yes, it’s smaller than a blender, but I’m finding that it is equally handy. This is especially true because the cup used to mix ingredients is the same cup users can drink from.
This dish has all of the notes and flair of summer in Italy without having to spend too many moments outdoors in the sweltering weather. Fresh lemon, spinach, and rosemary meet in this pasta and grilled chicken dish alongside garlic, wine, and sauteed onion.
More from the summer salad series brings a Mexican-inspired dish. At the forefront of this salad is spicy grilled shrimp, which pairs with refreshing spinach, cucumber, avocado, and red peppers. Skip Chipotle tonight and make this instead.
This simple, summery grilled chicken recipe requires just seven household ingredients to make. Fresh rosemary joins together with lime juice, garlic, and pepper to create an aromatic and zesty dinner that is healthy and easy to move from outdoors to indoors if the weather isn’t cooperating.
This three cheese macaroni and cheese recipe also includes black pepper, bourbon, and soy milk. The bourbon and black pepper add a nice punch and kick, respectively, while the soy milk adds a sweetness that pairs well with the bourbon.
There's no grill necessary here to create an element of southwest summer barbecuing. It's the perfect meal to cook on a weeknight when there’s a heavy thunderstorm that prohibits outdoor cooking.
This sandwich has an abundance of sashimi grade tuna just barely cooked along with fresh avocado and cream cheese, and it’s topped with a homemade soy ginger sauce.
This recipe combines a banana and some farmer’s market fresh strawberries with a heaping amount of protein (whey, soy milk, almond milk, walnuts, and Greek yogurt) to create an ideal breakfast smoothie that is both light and filling. Plus, if you’re on the go, this option is more replenishing and refreshing to take with you than coffee.
After a holiday weekend, preparing a meal sometimes seems far too daunting. When that happens, what's better than a simple and healthy salad for a summer weeknight?
Rhubarb season is short-lived and Independence Day is the ideal occasion to serve a summer fruit compote as a side dish.
This week we're exploring the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake (and other amazing baked goods) with Stefani Pollack, author behind the delicious blog The Cupcake Project!
As the Fourth of July fast approaches and Made in the USA Week nears its end, Thirsty Thursday is coming in hot with a cocktail truly inspired by the Land of the Free.
Bacon egg and cheese sandwiches are a true breakfast staple and have even cracked their way into the brunch realm. With entire restaurants devoted to the bacon egg and cheese, it seems only fair that I include my own recipe for Sunday Brunch. Surprise surprise, it includes avocado.
Along with the first official days of summer comes plenty of excitement on my end when it comes to exploring the farmer’s markets. Over the weekend, I came across spring onions, which I’ve not cooked with before. As you may have seen over the years on Dish + Drink, we’ve done a lot with onions of all kinds, but this one is pretty awesome.
These muffins are small, but packed with protein and potassium, which makes them ideal for serving alongside eggs, mimosas, and even bacon.
This cocktail, Japanese for summer orange, combines low-calorie ingredients like club soda, vodka, and sake with orange notes from Cointreau and a fresh lemon twist. It is heavily boozy, but light in flavor intensity, which makes it an ideal choice for imbibing any time.
It has been quite a while since I ran a recipe that resembles something of a “garbage” dish. This one does just that and combines leftover shrimp and arugula with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and rigatoni.
Over the course of the past year or two, zucchini pasta, or “zoodles,” have become quite popular. Zoodles are spaghetti-shaped zucchini slices and are much lower in carbohydrates than actual spaghetti. There are several ways to make these, but the most simple is to use a spirelli.
Unfortunately, because halibut hails from the North Pacific, it can be rather difficult to find it at a reasonable price--or at all--in the Northeast. It's around right now and this recipe is light, with a subtle dry heat that it perfect for the warmer months.
Green tea and honey go hand in hand as do bourbon and honey, and bourbon and lemon, of course, which makes this cocktail perfect for the upcoming warm nights.
A quick side dish of corn and beans is a great way to provide a balanced meal alongside fish or chicken. This recipe also contains a homegrown kung pao pepper that gives a whopping amount of heat, so if you’re looking to go the mild route, swap the kung pao for a red bell pepper instead.
It may be June, but afternoon thunderstorms render grilling out of the question at least once a week. It’s best to be prepared to cook inside on the days that rain is likely. Instead of moping, I choose these days to throw together something simple that still feels elaborate.
As is mentioned in probably every cocktail blog on the internet, the Old Fashioned is argued to be the first cocktail in existence. It has made a huge resurgence in the last several years and many will attribute this trend to the popularity of 'Mad Men.'
This shrimp dish is full of flavor. It’s packed with a dry heat thanks to cayenne pepper, but it is also a bit sweet from loads of fresh tomatoes and herbal from parsley, oregano, and basil.
These tacos combine savory pulled chicken with tart pomegranate seeds and fresh vegetables. With just a little extra effort, you can also include chili lime butter corn with shallots. These tacos are filling and satisfying and require no cheese or sour cream.
One of the simplest warm weather dinners to prepare is a batch of homemade burgers. These healthy chicken burgers are packed with spinach and mushrooms, so you won’t have to feel guilty serving these to your family.
This strawberry balsamic salad pairs the sweetness of the fruit with walnuts as well as fresh baby arugula and baby bibb lettuce. It's the perfect last-minute recipe for today's barbecues.
This grilled chicken recipe combines ginger, garlic, and mustard for a perfect Memorial Day Weekend dish. Say goodbye to boring, dry grilled chicken at the barbecues this holiday weekend.
The first trip of the year to the local farmer's market leads to a grilled vegetable recipe containing mushrooms, zucchini, stake potatoes, and onion. Cayenne pepper and thyme, among other spices, come together in this light summer side dish.
This deconstructed egg salad is the perfect light lunch to carry you through summertime because it is low in carbohydrates, but high in healthy fat and lean protein.
Peanut oil, toasted sesame oil, and chili powder come together in this potato recipe. The result is a subtly sweet and nutty chip with just a hint of a dry heat, which makes these perfect with dinner or as a summer snack.
Halibut is amongst the best fish to eat in the springtime because it’s easy to grill and it’s also high in protein, but low in fat. This recipe pairs the fish with simple refreshing ingredients like basil and citrus.
Dish + Drink's Guac Is Extra columnist Samantha Spoto helps celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this homemade burrito. Coleslaw, avocado cilantro lime rice, and orange barbecue pulled pork come together in this Mexican-inspired fare.
This grilled cheese is a bit out there, but it's well worth checking out. Red pepper flakes, fig butter, and provolone cheese fuse to form a sweet, spicy, and savory grilled cheese all in one.
Dish + Drink continues the salad series with this Spanish-inspired sweet and smoky spinach number. With a homemade dressing and an array of olives, this salad stands out from the pack.
This smoothie tastes just enough like a Fig Newton to satisfy your cravings, but it also contains potassium, nut protein, and milk protein. It’s the perfect breakfast when you’re on the go on a Monday morning.
Unfortunately, April showers are all too real, which means it isn’t always easy to make meals outside. This salad is perfect for springtime because it doesn’t require a grill, but you’ll still feel good about yourself eating salad for dinner.
Buckwheat, which we call kasha in my home, is amongst the healthiest grains. Up until recently, I had only eaten it in a traditional dish called kasha varnishkes (buckwheat, bowtie pasta, and usually onions), but have been looking for more healthy grains to adapt to my diet in versatile ways.
A smoothie that contains nut protein, as well as whey protein and milk protein will certainly do the trick for a light, but filling breakfast. This one made with yogurt, almond milk, and protein powder has natural sugars as well.
Potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, and caramelized onions and shallot come together in this subtly spicy and nutty side dish. Serve this all spring and summer alongside chicken, fish, or seafood for a near-perfect light meal.
Dish + Drink has covered muffins in the past, but a small change in ingredients makes these muffins taste far better than before without sacrificing too much in the way of overall health.
Offer up some self-serve dinner to your family and friends with this fun taco bar. Fresh guacamole and spicy salsas mixed with homemade pulled adobo-seasoned chicken make these tacos perfect for any time.
Oven-baked chicken is still in season.
Whip up this roasted root vegetable side dish with pecans and shallot brown butter.
Learn to make potato chips at home with just three ingredients.
Check out these beer-infused Irish cocktails right in time for St. Patrick’s Day.
This bourbon and Applejack cocktail is ideal for spring, summer, and fall.
A firsthand look into one of the hottest kitchen trends.
This soup is hearty, not carb-y.
This wintry dish is both light and hearty.
This stew is filled with protein and perfect for these chilly winter nights.
Dish + Drink asks the Editorial Staff how they feel about spicy food and roller coasters.
This dip is easy to put together and perfect for serving at your next party.
Learn to make skirt steak and french fries in under one hour.
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Learn how to caramelize onions in just a few simple steps.
Egg, avocado, cheese, and spices come together in this homestyle sandwich.
Wine, oregano, and basil come together in this light Italian dish.
These milkshake cocktails are a sweet treat to serve at your next dinner party.
Mushrooms, zucchini, and chicken come together in this dinner recipe.
This wintry stew is filled with hearty vegetables as well as vitamins and protein.
Raisins, walnuts, and fresh pears come together in this bowl of steamy goodness.
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Escape to the coast with this summery recipe.
Serve up this simple-to-make healthy dip at your next get-together.
This easy, Mexican-inspired dish is great for lazy days.
This light, but spicy dish is a great alternative to heavy meat, especially during Fitness Week.
This week we chat with Lyndi Fultz about being an nwaFoodie!
This week we're chatting with Lyndi Fultz about what it takes to be an nwaFoodie!
This sweet and savory chicken recipe is simple and perfect for making in larger quantities.
This ramen dish is spicy, savory, and even a little sweet all at once.
Whip up a batch of Cornish game hens this winter.
Get a little southern comfort this winter with this easy brunch recipe.
A simple lemon and garlic pasta dish goes a long way with a little bit of vegetables and sausage.