This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane begin by discussing the recent addition of verified profiles to Tinder. Then, the pair looks into Aziz Ansari's book 'Modern Romance' and the topics that it explores. The show conclues with an in depth discussion on Molly's article regarding the television show 'UnREAL.'
Reality Week - In America a prevalent idea is that somewhere out there exists a formula for success, a golden ratio, a step-by-step tutorial that could lead a person from any walk of life towards the right path. Can we set ourselves up for success? How much control do we have over our destinies?
What is real? Do our perceptions help shape the world around us, or is there some outside force at work that defines the world in which we live? Third Eye Weekly host Zach Schepis asks people at NYC’s Madison Square Park how they choose to define their realities, and whether they believe perceptions can truly be shared.
Reality Week - On June 17, software engineers Alexander Mordvintsev and Mike Tyka, with software engineering intern Christopher Olah, sent shockwaves across the internet when they released the first images of the AI’s psychedelic dreams. The name of their project? “Inceptionism.”
We speak with Ian Olasov, the founder of Brooklyn Public Philosophy, on bridging academia and public philosophy.
Reality Week - Reality television may have seemed like a preposterous idea when it first began--with shows like 'The Real World,' 'Survivor,' and 'Big Brother'--but it has officially carved out its own spot in the weekly television schedule. Now, Lifetime's 'UnREAL' manages to honor and critique reality television.
The Australian version of 'MasterChef' trumps the American version in every way. It's more inventive, more interesting, and far more full of talent. But most importantly, it omits the oh-so-annoying teardown culture that American reality TV hangs its hat on.
Reality Week - BTR spoke with renowned Hyperrealist painter Raphaella Spence, of the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York City, to further understand the processes and motivations behind this meticulously detailed practice.