This week tune in for the five creepiest places on Earth! Then we chat with freelance writer Vera Marie Badertscher, creator of A Traveler's Library!
This week we chat with Ann Morgan, who read one book from every country in the world in just one year!
Happiness Week - It’s a common parental instinct to protect children from things they may not yet understand. Subjects that may elicit fright or confusion in a child are typically shielded, up until a certain age, at which a parent decides a child is mature enough to encounter such material.
Brandon Doman, founder of The Strangers Project, invites people to share their handwritten stories. He chats with BTR about the history of his project and how he wants to keep expanding it.
This week we are talking about literature with the author of the Internet's longest running lit blog: Literary Kicks. We cover the evolution of the written word, the social issues being discussed in today's literature, and which author's we should be paying more attention to.
In honor of Rain Week, BTR staffers Lisa Autz and Zach Schepis describe the sensations of oncoming rain onto themselves.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss a 'Cosmo' piece on how to get a boyfriend. Then, the pair analyzes a Jessica Valenti piece that talks about sexism as it pertains to the media we consume. The show wraps with Molly and Dane divulging the stories of their first relationships.
The Symphony Space in NYC celebrates the writings of best-selling author Chuck Palahniuk. Sarah Steele, Alex Hurt, and others read stories authored or appreciated by Palahniuk.
The Sketchbook Project comprises personal artistic interpretations from people all over the globe.
Disruptive Week - Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is hurting self-published authors financially and changing writing styles.
Millennials Week – Four reasons explaining why listicles are the ideal news format for Generation Y.