BTR Eatopia: Rain Dance Edition
Rain Week - For the vast majority, storm chasing is simply a hobby, undertaken by those who are fascinated with these acts of nature, and who wish to observe and photograph the events out of curiosity. Technology offers researchers a greater scientific understanding of severe storms.
In honor of Rain Week, BTR staffers Lisa Autz and Zach Schepis describe the sensations of oncoming rain onto themselves.
Rain Week - With more and more modern technology--television, internet, radio, internet radio, smartphones, and apps--there are numerous ways of getting the weather report for the day before venturing outside. BTR staffers chime in on how they get their weather reports.
Gentle drizzle on a cloudy afternoon can be a recipe for a day of Netflix-binging or cozy reading. Everybody has their own special indulgence when the rain showers on their plans. BTR Pulse host Lisa Autz asks people about their favorite thing to do on a rainy day.
Up until very recently, there was very little to dislike about the almond. In light of Rain Week, Dish + Drink takes a look at the link between California's water consumption and almonds.
Rain Week - There seems to be a general division of camps between those who relish the experience of a rain storm and those who pray for nothing more than a larger umbrella. But the calm immediately following a downpour carries with it a universally soothing aura. BTR consults a bubble expert about new findings that reveal the secret behind rain’s distinct scent.