Personally, I’ve never been that big of a football buff. I just never got around to learning all of the rules of the game, and without an intimate understanding of the intricate protocol at play, it’s difficult to stay engaged and interested for a full four hour game. That said, I do genuinely enjoy watching big dudes tackle each other. And, furthermore, I’m definitely an advocate for an afternoon of wings and beer. Afterall, that’s what really makes the Super Bowl great! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with just holing up at your local bar and chowing on the snacks they have on hand, but if you have the luxury of access to a TV in your own home, a Super Bowl gathering in the comfort of a well stocked apartment is pretty ideal. That means that somebody has to take on the mammoth task of providing enough delicious, greasy, cheesy goodness for everybody in attendance. Luckily, there are some downright delicious recipes out there to help you on your way. Here are some ideas for this Super Bowl Sunday, and how to pull them off without a hitch. 1. You obviously need a couple different kinds of dips to satisfy your hungry friends and family! And what better dip is there out there than Queso? Seriously, name one, I dare you. This recipe from Bon Appetit has all of the fixings you could possibly need: spice, cheese, and ooey gooey goodness! 2. Wings are a necessary addition to any and every successful Super Bowl! You can take wings in all sorts of different directions: sweet, spicy, sticky, BBQ! Here’s a helpful guide for how to pull off any or all of the styles of wings you could possibly imagine. 3. Unpopular opinion: among the indulgent eats, it’s nice to have a fresh, healthy-ish, palate cleanser on the table. Something with a little bit of freshness and crunch! Here’s a guide for some veggie heavy inspiration.