We salute DJ/Prodcuer DJ Raous on today’s show. This Guys is responsible for jump starting my career. A musical genius to me the way he selected his records. Today all the tracks are inspired by him today. Follow us on social media @BreakThruRadio! R.I.P. to my girl Colleen Evans.
Makers at the faire explain their showcases of different technology, from funky piano synthesizers to different fun gadgets to toy with using technology.
It’s back to school season! We finally get to Jelani Cobb’s beautiful New Yorker article on the history of a recently shuttered New York City high school. Also, lots of fun listener mail!
Open Week – When the Open Era began in 1968, it was actually because players were looking to be paid to play the sport they loved. Though this culture of “open” tennis has seen many events, 2015 may go down as a notable year for the sport. Will Serena Williams make Open Era history?
On Monday, Dish + Drink’s Dane Feldman was fortunate enough to attend the very first day of the 2015 US Open. The fourth and final tennis grand slam of the year began on Monday at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York and will run for two weeks.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR checks out the opening day of the 2015 US Open at Flushing Meadows’ Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, NY. Players compete in their first round matches under the scorching sun while fans try to stay hydrated and race to the shady spots on the grounds.
Kambri Crews on her community space in Astoria Queens offering “after-school for grown ups,” This American Life takes on school segregation, and listener mail.
The Museum of the Moving Image’s newest exhibition, titled ‘Sensory Stories: An Exhibition of New Narrative Experiences’, provides a momentary escape from reality but leaves much to be desired.
Brooklyn Night Bazaar closes its doors after years of offering music, shopping, and a free place to hang out in the after-hours. The Bazaar will temporarily relocate to Queens this summer.
Sylvana Joyce possesses a powerful voice and tons of charisma. Hailing from Queens, New York, she’s built an impressive list of accolades along with her top-notch band, The Moment. We headed out to Astoria for this very intimate, stirring performance of the song “Me For You,” filmed in the apartment building stairwell where Sylvana practiced music as a child.
How easy is it for a school cafeteria to become vegetarian?