punk rock
The Black Lips, Diet Choke and The Nude Party set off an explosion of dirty energy.
A pressing error has Beyoncé and a Canadian punk band sharing a vinyl release. Bey wouldn't return our calls, but here's what the punk band had to say.
It was an educational night of punk rock by seeing three generations of the genre.
"It wasn’t a punk scene like the rest of the world was having ,it was more of an explosion of creativity..."
A wild night filled with chaotic punk rock and sultry sax—-shit got weird in the best way possible!
What is responsible for the death of so many musicians over the years? It’s not deranged fans or loss of the limelight, it’s heroin. BTRtoday explores this epidemic.
Riot Grrrl culture not only created a door for women into punk rock, but also into anarchy and political rebellion. BTRtoday researches the rise of this culture and where it stands today.
The epitome of badass rock'n'roll blues--this Pittsburgh-based band will knock your socks off. Meet Nox Boys and swoon your little heart out!
With what’s happening in the news so far, seems like we’re gearing up for a WWIII. BTRtoday explore how that may affect music!
Americana, alt-country, folk or indie rock--whatever you wanna call them, Dan Getkin & The Twelve Six are putting the real emotions back into country music!
A sold-out show of doo-wop, rock’n’roll, and melodies that definitely got stuck in everyone’s heads—and we’re all glad they did!
Listen to Plastic Pinks when you need to get your ass up and going--they aren't afraid to rock hard!
Oh My Rockness and Baby’s All Right have gotten together to feature some of NYC’s hardest working bands--so declared by Oh My Rockness!
The story of one BTRtoday music reporter’s transition from sneaking into grungy basement shows to being put on the list for all kinds of NYC rock concerts.