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Happy Fall! It's finally getting juuuuust cool enough to look at those sweaters in the back of the closet again, and pull the warm layers out of storage. Tank tops and shorts are old news - what we crave now are scarves, chunky sweaters, worn boots and chic hats. And in keeping with the falling leaves, I've got the perfect accessory designer on the show today. Claudia Schulz was born in Berlin, and moved to Canada in the early 2000's. With time on her hands, Claudia decided to explore her long-held curiosity about millinery, and took some classes in the ins and outs of hat making. Her casual lessons uncovered a latent talent, and Claudia's new hobby became a new career, and an eponymous label of hand-crafted hats. Carried online as well as in boutiques throughout New York and Canada, Claudia Schulz designs are at once vintage and modern, building contemporary details onto timeless silhouettes. On today's show, Claudia will share about her transition from Germany to Canada, just how she manages to make a complete line of hats and run her own business, a few of her sources for design inspiration, and some of her own favorites from her vintage hat collection. And as you know, fall is the time for new music, and boy do I have a playlist full of great new releases for you today! Tracks from new projects like Saint Rich and Coastgaard, as well as new releases from familiar favorites like Dr. Dog, The Blow, Chvrches, and more. So button your coat, wrap your scarf a bit tighter, and get cozy - it's time for fall fashion on BreakThru Radio!
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