CMJ draws hundreds of bands to the streets of New York City, but for this episode of Pulse, we set our sights on one act in particular: Sweden's You Say France & I Whistle. It was the first time the 5-piece had set foot in the city, but they were kind enough to let us tag along and document their adventure. We also talked to audience members about their first impressions of the group.
There have been a few articles floating around the web this week that discuss the clash of bikes on pedestrians on NYC bridges. We set out to ask pedestrians and cyclists if they've encountered any problems, and what they think about the possibility of banning bikes from bridges.
Support beams from the September 11th wreckage, in the shape of a crucifix, have become a topic of debate -- the question being whether or not it's appropriate for them to be featured in the World Trade Center memorial museum. Some people, including atheists are upset (see: ), so we went down to the neighborhood to see what people thought.
Lately I've noticed more and more GOURMET food trucks parked around my labor-hood around lunch time. It's great to have more options, but I'm guessing that the local restaurants (actually most of them are chains anyways) are getting pissed off because they are the ones paying the rent and losing the business. Or maybe not??
Recently launched is the new Google Plus (currently in beta testing) - it has some interesting features but will it be enough for people to ditch Facebook?
Recently a fan returned Derek Jeter's valuable 3000th hit ball even though he really could've used the money he might have been able to make from it. So, we go to Grand Central Station to ask people if they would've done the same. Featured song: "Gastronomic Meal" by Yellow Dogs
On this weeks episode of Pulse, host Lauren Hawker walks the NYC High Line to enjoy the scenic views, architecture, and gardens. On route we ask fellow visitors to reflect on the slew of recent political sex scandals.
Watch as host Lauren Hawker goes around to ask New Yorkers how they feel about the abundance of sidewalk charity fundraisers and if they would stop to donate or just keep walking.
On this weeks Pulse, host Lauren Hawker attends a rally of NYC teachers protesting proposed budget cuts and layoffs. The atmosphere was highly charged with thousands of attendees and even Rev. Al Sharpton giving an inspirational speech. To wrap up the story, and learn more about the causes of the proposed cutbacks, Lauren meets with Radio Dispatch DJ's, Molly and John Knefel.
On this week's episode of Pulse, BTR visits the Brooklyn Flea's new location on the refurbished waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Stunning views, great finds and beautiful views are all a part of the Sunday outdoor market's appeal.
Put a spring in your step this May because it's Masturbation Month, which is why on this week's episode of Pulse host Jess Westberg beats the streets (!) to learn more about our most gripping DIY activity. Apparently masturbation is not only a blast, it's good for you too, according to a sex expert at Babeland -- a New York sex shop -- and a licensed sex therapist. Everyday New Yorkers have no trouble sounding off on getting off, from how they first learned to masturbate to what they were taught about it growing up.
The streets of New York are full of restaurants, bars, skyscrapers and..dogs! Anyone who's lived or visited New York would know this is a city full of canines and the people who love them. But where did all these dogs come from? This week on Pulse our host and card-carrying dog owner Jess Westberg examines the paradox: while shelters are full of unwanted animals, there's also an extremely high demand for dogs in boutique pet stores. [youtube][/youtube]
Rep. Peter King's controversial Congressional hearings on the threat of homegrown terrorism have sparked a furor of debate. On this week's episode of Pulse, BTR asks: are you afraid of Americans? Hear what the Imam and the congregants at a local East Village mosque had to say, along with a variety of other New Yorkers and a history professor renowned for her books on McCarthyism. [youtube][/youtube]
On this week's episode of Pulse, host Jess Westberg asks New Yorkers on the street what St. Patrick's Day means to them. Not surprisingly, Paul Finnegan, director of the New York Irish Center, answers the question somewhat differently. And Irishmen at Paddy Reilley's Irish Pub respond to Mayor Bloomberg's recent Irish gaff with good cheer. Come with us to get beyond that pint of Guinness and learn what St. Patty's Day is really all about (OK, but have that pint, too). [youtube][/youtube]
The world has watched Tunisia, Egypt and Libya struggle, in quick succession, to overthrow their governments. This week on Pulse, we ask, why now? How big a role has social media and globalization really played in these demonstrations? Egyptian New Yorkers, a Human Rights Watch expert on Libya, and others sound off. [youtube][/youtube]
Delicate Steve performs "Butterfly," live in our studio in New York. Fresh off the release of their first album, Wondervisions, on David Byrne's label Luaka Bop, the New Jersey-based band is currently on a U.S. tour with Akron/Family. [youtube][/youtube]
It's been a big week for the movies, and Trent Reznor (who won an Oscar for scoring the soundtrack to "The Social Network"). BTR asked people: which artist would you like to see score a film, and what kind of movie would it be? In a loft near Union Square, a professional film scorer weighs in on his craft. [youtube][/youtube]
Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens, Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings – these, and so many other soul artists, have become a part of a soul resurgence straight out of Brooklyn. Jay-Z has sampled from the record label that remains, for the most part, a little-known but incredibly significant part of our current pop culture: Daptone. BTR celebrates Black History Month by taking stock of a true, ALL-American Folk genre, whose fires have been stoked in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It's soul, it's happening and so we ask our listeners: can you dig it? [youtube][/youtube]
It's Valentine's Day week, so BTR decided to tackle the most romantic or unromantic relationship question of all, depending on your outlook: marriage. Do people still want to get hitched, and why is it so hard for those who do to stay married? Hear what couples have to say, along with a marriage counselor's take on the major issues married couples face. [youtube][/youtube]
Where would we be without Yelp, Fandango and other opinion sites (and apps)? BTR asks people how they choose where to go and what to buy, while shop and restaurant owners weigh in with their own take on our crowd-sourced times. [youtube][/youtube]