Quinn was six years old and living in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan when the attacks on The World Trade Center took place. With her school only blocks from the Twin Towers, Quinn has vivid memories of the day and aftermath which have affected her life every day since. She describes how 9/11 changed her life, her opinions on the government's response to the victims and her views on trying to move past the events. Music featured in this episode: "In The Stream" by S. Carey
As nationwide concern grows for returning combat soldiers suffering PTSD, Silas Dent Zobal’s literary thriller, The People of the Broken Neck (Unbridled Books, October 2016), serves as a harrowing testament of the times.
Touring is quite the production—musicians and crew can be traveling for more than half to an entire year. That can cause some serious depression when having to return home and get back in the swing of things.
BTRtoday talks with people who lived in war zones and dealt directly with the conflict; they share stories that are both heartbreaking and enlightening.
Advancing technology like virtual reality is catching up with decades of research that show its benefits for those suffering from phobias and trauma.
In theory, Molly is the purer form of Ecstasy. In reality, it's a grab-bag of narcotics and chemical compounds that may or may not contain any MDMA at all.