John on the future of waterboarding and listener mail on social psychology in the age of Trump. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Sarcasm might come off as mean, but it requires more brainpower than you might think.
You probably didn’t even know you were an outgoing introvert.
We conclude our conversation with Krystine Batcho as she discusses the effects of social media on nostalgia, social skills, and personal development.
We continue our conversation with Krystine Batcho about nostalgia, discussing its correlation with empathy and positive coping techniques.
Krystine Batcho discusses negative portrayals of nostalgia in media and whether or not nostalgic reflection is good for us.
Many older adults, as well as teenagers, have chosen to revisit an old home for various reasons, whether it be nostalgia or to take care of unfinished business. BTRtoday talks to Jerry Burger, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Santa Clara and author of “Returning Home: Reconnecting with Our Childhoods,” about his research regarding returning to an old home to help understand the motives and results of these visits.
This week is Karma Week. We speak with a psychology professor and a marketer on the rippling effect of small acts of kindness and karma.
A look into the origins of strange body gestures from around the world and its necessity in the development of any language.
BTRtoday talks with a Freudian expert, the company Send Your Friend A Penis Drawing, and a professional phallic artist to explore the baffling societal obsession of phallic imagery.
Advancing technology like virtual reality is catching up with decades of research that show its benefits for those suffering from phobias and trauma.
Experts weigh in on how exposure to beauty standards in other cultures through travel can help redeem people of their own false negative body perceptions.
It sounds like a joke, but selfies are becoming an increasingly serious cause of death. BTRtoday takes a look into the motives behind the dangerous social media habit.
BTRtoday’s Rebecca Chodorkoff experiments with hypnosis in hopes to ease and manage anxiety.
How dreams and art therapy join in a sacred junction of aesthetics and psychological healing.
The music you listened to as a teenager still triggers your brain to feel a sense of teenage rebellion, even as an adult.
We continue the conversation by looking into the proven psychological support laughter has on the human mind.
Research shows that creative people have a higher tendency to be dishonest and engage in morally questionable behaviors.