The president isn’t hiding his desire for violent extrajudicial political retribution.
A roundup of the RNC and the white supremacist shooting in Kenosha. photo courtesy of Lightburst via Wikimedia Commons
The former VP needs to hang militia violence and civil unrest around the president’s neck.
Militia murdering protestors provided stark relief to the putrefied stink of the RNC’s second night.
Hauling a peaceful protestor away in an unmarked van isn’t justice–it’s a harbinger.
John Knefel describes the growing unrest and the cycle triggered by an escalation of Trump’s fascistic tactics in Portland and elsewhere. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: "Awake” by Tycho
A new study shows that left wing violence isn’t nearly the problem Republicans portray it as.
Frontline’s Micheal Kirk joins us to discuss his new documentary The United States of Conspiracy. Also, protests escalate beyond Portland. photo courtesy of Henryodell via Wikimedia Commons
Badgeless federal cops occupying cities and rounding up political enemies was always the endgame.
Social media is how most of us get our news these days—so this community of activists is here to keep you in the loop.
Ken Cuccinelli complains “anarchists” are targeting Amazon as unidentified federal forces are snatching protestors.
Even as late night fireworks displays taper off in big cities, questions persist.
There’s no room for kids in the coronavirus policies, and states continue to see record numbers of new cases. photo courtesy of Usernet123u via Wikimedia Commons
Ana Goñi-Lessan on George Floyd childhood home of Houston’s Third Ward. The new Spike Lee film, ‘Da 5 Bloods.’ Music by Courntey Barnett + Shilpa Ray.
On Juneteenth, one demonstration hopes to unite several movements in NYC.
John Knefel explains the failure behind attempts to deradicalize activists’ efforts to abolish the police.
Atlanta police kill Rayshard Brooks, Mariame Kaba calls to abolish the police in the New York Times, and an activist is found dead after posting about her sexual assault. photo courtesy of John Knefel
The NYPD’s Shake Shack incident is a fresh reminder not to take police at their word on anything.
Pride Month has been an emotional roller coaster this year and the ride isn’t even close to over yet.
Andre Green joins us to discuss the current inflection point we’re going through as a nation. He also shares his personal reaction and describes the reactions he’s witnessed locally in Massachusetts.
The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is far from the lawless, anarchistic warzone right wing media has portrayed it as.
Cities and states reopening too soon are more likely to worsen the spread of COVID-19.
It’s difficult not to feel hopeless and overwhelmed during a revolution, but progress is happening.
John Knefel addresses the notion that police work is purely beneficial to citizens.
Your favorite local bands are fighting the good fight & you can help them.
George Floyd was murdered on Monday, May 25th. Protests followed, with police riots in response.
John Knefel shares his thoughts on why defunding the police is the only solution to ending police violence.
It’s been a week of protests and police brutality across the country since the Minneapolis police killed George Floyd. photo courtesy of Rose Pineda via Wikimedia Commons
The protests seem dumb, but presidential and media encouragement could make them something more sinister.