Alexis Goldstein joins us to discuss how the recently passed spending bill weakens Wall Street regulations, Dick Cheney takes to Meet The Press to defend Bush-era torture methods, and tens of thousands turn out in several US cities to protest the killing of unarmed black people by cops.
Continuing fall-out in the Rolling Stone UVA case, the Pentagon transfers six Guantanamo prisoners to Uruguay, and protests continue over Eric Garner's death by the NYPD.
Protesters march through streets in numerous cities nationwide following the lack of indictment in the killing of Eric Garner, new details emerge about the killing of Akai Gurley by a rookie NYPD officer, and listener mail.
It's Trending Week at BTR! On today's show, we're helping to #stopthebeautymadness in the media with activist Robin Rice. Plus, BTR staff writer Lisa Autz explains how one NYC apartment complex's attempt to accommodate affordable housing sparked a controversy over possible economic discrimination.
How the public connects best to the tragedy in the news.