The resistance camp at the Dakota Access Pipeline is doing much more than trying to save the planet’s drinking water: It’s creating a new legacy that will bring equality to communities that live on the same land; it’s a new commitment to peace and love; it’s a lesson to the generation of today that will be passed on to a brighter future.
This week, BTR went to protest the results of the 2016 presidential election in Columbus Circle, NY.
Bands with heavy political agendas amass huge followings, but do they actually help shape our government? BTRtoday looks into this and talks to Anti-Flag front man to find out.
Protests can take on eye-catching forms, from traffic-blocking birthday parties to farmers spraying cow’s milk at police. But no matter the method, it’s the underlying stratagem of the demonstration that matters most.
We’ll talk with Vitali Kremez, a cyber intelligence analyst about what it takes to converse with and track criminals in the deep-net.
This week is Protest Week. Rather than talk about protesting, we’d like to instead focus on how each of us can attain greater harmony with both the self and the world around us.
A new model can predict, with 70 percent accuracy, whether your next tweet will be in the name of protest.
Day one of the RNC, and listener mail.
New creative and less violent ways of protesting are starting to flourish. Activists and revolutionists are sick of being treated like meat! Are they effective? BTRtoday explores.
Julia Carrie Wong on the anti Trump protests in San Jose, the story of Brock Turner and the survivor who is speaking out against him, Muhammad Ali was an unapologetic black Muslim, and listener mail.
With Donald Trump making his way up the polls, we may voluntarily elect a dictator into office—hear from three courageous survivors of past dictatorships.
Is the decision not to vote becoming a legitimate act of protest, Clinton tries to woo Republicans turned off by Trump, and listener mail.
Gideon Oliver joins us to discuss his lawsuit over the NYPD’s use of the LRAD sound cannon against protesters, Trump’s campaign manager keeps roughing people up on camera, and listener mail.
John skypes in from Istanbul, a new study finds hundreds of charters are hyper segregated and overly punitive, the Times borks a Bernie story, and listener mail.
Kristen Gwynne joins us to discuss what’s missing from the national conversation about the heroin crisis, the repercussions of Trump protests, and listener mail.
Trump and his supporters escalate violence against protesters, and listener mail.
Evan Siegfried joins us to discuss the Republican primary, the rise of riot-control drones, and listener mail.