On today's show, an intriguing look inside a fascinating, under-examined phonomenon in fashion history: fashion as propaganda. My guest is author, professor, curator and textile historian Dr. Jacqueline Atkins, whose book Wearing Propaganda: Textiles on the Home Front in Japan, Britain, and the United States 1931 - 1945, details some of the most unique, intricate, and culturally significant examples of fashion propaganda. On today's show, you'll hear from Dr. Atkins about a fascination with fabrics that has been with her from her first portable Singer sewing machine to discoveries in the vintage kimono shops of Japan, some of the incredible, rich propaganda textiles from the Asia-Pacific War and their cultural significance, and some current research and upcoming projects. Plus, tracks in the playlist today off this week's brand new releases from artists like Julianna Barwick and Golden Suits, plus a premier single from newcomer Lola Johnson. All that and more is just ahead, so be a good fashion citizen and tune in to this week's Sew & Tell on BTR!
The Pop Professor is in the house! First column covers the ever fresh JT in his classy "Suit & Tie"
"I think designers need to be there when the decisions for the first particles are being designed. Not when the fabric is already on the roll, and it's already created, and it already has inherent in it things that can help or not help you." On today's show, I'm joined by fashion designer, artist, professor and innovator Helen Storey. Currently serving as Professor of Fashion and Science at The London College of Fashion, Helen has had an incredible career that began with Valentino in the '80's, led to the development of her own line in the '90s, and now finds her collaborating with chemist Tony Ryan to address problems created by consumer waste, through technologically innovative, elegant solutions. Tune in as Helen talks about her design experiences, the problematic divide between art and science, the creative challenges she faced in designing a collection inspired by embryotic development, and how your jeans can purify the air. Plus, the latest music from Canadian artist Renny Wilson, Philly-based Bleeding Rainbow, Brooklyn's Takka Takka and more. So turn it up and tell your friends - this is one Sew & Tell they don't want to miss!