My guest this week is film director & cinematographer Andrew Morgan, whose personal passion for storytelling has led him to create a series of beautiful, intimate pieces. His team's latest film is "The True Cost," a exciting documentary that takes an in-depth look at the broken links in today's fashion production system and supply chain. On today's show, we'll hear from Andrew about his start in filmmaking, the moment that triggered his mission to create "The True Cost," and how he and his team have been changed through the process of researching and developing this film. Plus, a full-throttle music mix today featuring new tracks from Johnathan Rice, Saint Rich, Love Inks, Lizzo, MiniBoone, and more! So tune in and join us for an inspirational look at the future of fashion…
Today we review Dream River, the newest album from producer, performer, and songwriter Bill Callahan. Released on Drag City on September 17th, this addition to Callahan's 25 years of discography adds a polished, simple, and beautiful approach to life and love. The 47-year-old's accomplished songwriting is evident in his unique rhythms, poignant lyrics and inflection, and gorgeous melodies. Highly recommended.
Today we review the debut solo album from Jonathan Rado, one of the lead members of Foxygen. Law and Order, an ambitious production, was released on September 3rd by Woodsist Records. Rado covers a variety of genres including soul, funk, garage rock, 60s psychedelia, country folk, and noise in the LP, giving a new twist to classic compositions. The albums, experimental at points, is a great display of his musical range and prowess in production.
Today we review Neko Case's first release in over four years, The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You, which came out on Anti Records on September 3rd. The album is highly personal and displays confusion, identity, and loss. It was a labor of love for Neko Case who lost her grandmother as well as both her parents since her last LP. Her beautiful voice ebbs and flows through indie-pop, alt-country, full production, and inspired a cappella moments on the album.
Calling all aspiring designers!! You guys are gonna be SO excited by this week's show. What if I told you that there was a new company who would essentially act as your virtual assistant, helping you with every step of design production? A square one for independent designers? Well, I am happy to say that this ingenious company does, in fact, exist, in the form of The Ignited. The Ignited is a web-based design service, helping independent designers through each part of the production process, from sourcing to sample making to manufacturing. Once a garment is made, The Ignited offers designers a brilliant Kickstarter-like model to raise the necessary backing for a specific garment to go into production. On today's show, I'm joined by The Ignited Design Director Ellena Doe, who will talk about the development of this new fashion business model, their step-by-step production process, the logistical solutions the team has found that make this web-based alternative a smooth process, and more. Plus, a great mix of music with brand new Neko Case, more of the gorgeous new Volcano Choir album, and, on the heels of a rock- & punk-heavy fashion week, a set dedicated to garage punk. Fall is the season for new beginnings, so get back in the design game with Sew & Tell on BTR!
This week, we take a look at a very new company, making some very smart designs. Kristin Glenn is the founder of Colorado-based label Seamly; just six weeks old, the collection boasts several versatile summer basics, made in the USA from deadstock fabric and offered at a fantastic price point. How is this possible? Well, it takes a business graduate with a passion for style, love affair with travel, and deep investment in responsible production to pull off a project of this caliber, and on today's show, you'll hear Kristin talk about the road she took to get there. Plus, a great playlist full of cultish overtones in tribute to BTR's weekly theme - we'll hear new music from Jake Bellows and Pure Bathing Culture, along with tracks from Cult of Youth, Okkervil River, and more. So join us - drink the sustainable style kool-aide and tune in to this week's Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
This week's guest is distinguished fashion journalist Jenni Avins, whose inexhaustible curiosity has led her to explore every nook and cranny of fashion production, culture, and philosophy. After getting her undergraduate degree in Global Studies, Jenni, armed with ambition, enthusiasm, and drive, entered the fashion industry workforce of NYC to learn more about exactly how the things in our closets end up there. So began a journey that took Jenni from landing containers of housewares for Casabella, to managing overseas knitwear production for Edun, to her current status as an acclaimed contributor to the style sections of myriad high profile publications, most regularly New York Magazine's The Cut, and The Wall Street Journal. Jenni also curates her own diverse multi-media web publication Closettour, which she uses as a platform to rigorously express her adventures in re-framing fashion through a fresh, frank, and funny voice. Tune in today to hear Jenni talk about her early-developed love for experimental style, the insight she gleaned from working within the industry, and how her current Closettour project keeps her returning to the same wardrobe with fresh eyes. Plus, some great new music in the mix today from CSS, Yellowbirds, and The Love Language, along with older tracks from Phosphorescent, My Best Fiend, and Girls. Tune in and turn up - it's #fashionFriday on BTR! 00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Falling (II) - Lace Curtain) 02:41 Interview with Jenni Avins of Closettour 10:39 DJ Marie 11:56 Too Hot - CSS 15:44 Mean Maybe - Yellowbirds 18:33 First Shot - The Love Language 21:43 DJ Marie 23:00 Interview with Jenni Avins 30:06 DJ Marie 31:22 Promise Of The West - The Jealous Sound 35:32 Lazy Bones - My Best Fiend 41:05 Be Dark Night - Phosphorescent 44:55 DJ Marie 46:23 Interview with Jenni Avins 51:19 DJ Marie 52:49 Lust for Life - Girls 55:08 Finish Closettour, by Jenni Avins (Photos courtesy of Jenni Avins, unless otherwise indicated) Jenni in her polka dot ruffle dream dress... ...which is STRIKINGLY similar to Kylie Minogue, revealing a fashion sophistication beyond Jenni's young years... Jenni's piece on Free-Range Fur, courtesy of VICE Jenni's piece on Custom Dyeing, for The Cut Jenni's mom wearing the sweater, around 1970 "Bruised banana" sweater pre-professional-dye Jenni in the same sweater, post-custom-dye... …and beautiful blue dyed dress (Photo by Melissa Hom for New York Magazine) Read the first installment of Jenni's Summer Swimsuit Search (Pt. 2 Coming Soon!!) Jenni's beloved but worn Missoni suit... where will she find a replacement?! Stay tuned... Jenni with the Edun team! *I know I'm always recommending things on Sew & Tell, but if you take *nothing* else away from this show... take Jenni. Srsly, guys, her coverage is amahhzing - this interview just scratched a tiny surface portion of the experiences she's had! Take a few minutes to poke around Closettour and her personal website, and see if you don't agree... she is up to some fascinating fashion shennanigans! Best ways to keep up with her latest under cover ops? Her Facebook and Twitter, obvs. Odds & Ends *Parks and Rec fans! John-Ralphio has a dad. And you can bet it's gonna be funny as *$%. *Speaking of expletives, what the h-e-double-hockey-stix was Cate Blanchett wearing this week at the "Blue Jasmine" premiere?! My husband totally hates it… I (reluctantly) kind of like it. She's taking risks and staying elegant, which is tricky business! What do you think? *This new line of bamboo undershirts promises to decrease pit stains… would you wear one? I'm a little skeptical that I would just get hotter, but I'm willing to try & be happily wrong! *Contemplating some fashion faux pays? Well, here are a few opinionated voices on what is OK and (mostly) NOT OK to do: Crimes Against Fashion Travel via CNN, Forbes' list of Men's 10 Worst Fashion Sins, and Real Simple's common sense guide to Modern Style Do's and Don'ts. Do you think these guides are wrong? Right? Don't want anyone else telling you what to do? Sound off (stylishly) in the comments below! CSS (Photo by Mariana Juliano) Aug 1 - 9:30 Club - Washington, D.C. Aug 2 - Limelight - Belfast, United Kingdom Sept 21 - Plug - Sheffield, United Kingdom Sept 22 - Heaven - London, United Kingdom Sept 23 - Le Trabendo - Paris, France Sept 24 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands Sept 26 - Berghain/Panorama Bar - Berlin, Germany Sept 27 - Rust - Copenhagen, Denmark Sept 29 - Botanique - Brussels, Belgium Oct 2 - Rote Fabrik, Clubraum - Zurich, Switzerland Oct 4 - Backstage - Munich, Germany Nov 16 - Harvest Festival @ The Domain - Sydney, Australia Yellowbirds (Photo by Dina Maccabee) Aug 1 - Sam Bond's Garage- Eugene, OR Aug 2 - 4 - Pickathon - Happy Valley, OR Aug 5 - Hopmonk @ Sonoma Tavern Stage - Sonoma, CA Aug 6 - The Chapel - San Francisco, CA Aug 7 - Bootleg Bar - Los Angeles, CA Aug 23 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY The Love Language (Photo by Cheater Slicks) July 26 - Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC July 27 - Rock & Roll Hotel - Washington, D.C. July 28 - Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA July 30 - Great Scott - Allston, MA July 31 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY Aug 1 - Glasslands Gallery - Brooklyn, NY Aug 2 - Strange Matter - Richmond, VA Aug 3 - Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar - Charlottesville, VA Aug 27 - Stone Fox - Nashville, TN Aug 28 & 29 - Firebird - St. Louis, MO Aug 30 - Turf Club - St. Paul, MN Aug 31 - Czar Bar - Kansas City, MO Sept 2 - Hi-Dive - Denver, CO Sept 3 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT Sept 4 - Neurolux - Boise, ID Sept 6 - Cosmic Pizza - Eugene, OR Sept 8 - Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room - Seattle, WA Sept 10 - Rickshaw Stop - San Francisco, CA Sept 11 - Bootleg Theater - Los Angeles, CA Sept 12 - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA Sept 13 - Pub Rock - Scottsdale, AZ Sept 19 - Gasa Gasa - New Orleans, LA Sept 20 - Masquerade Atlanta - Atlanta, GA Oct 27 - Club Dada - Dallas, TX
East to West introduces two tracks from the Australian producer Rupert.
This week's guest is Jessica Schreiber, Program Manager for New York City's Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse, and Recycling. Jessica share details about re-fashioNYC, the city's textile recycling program, and how you can participate to help reduce the 200,000 tons of textile waste produced each year in New York City. She'll also talk about the ingenious idea behind Directional Dining, the food blog she co-authors with roommate Jules, and a few of her favorite eateries in the city. Later in the show, Dane and I dissect the red carpet styles from Monday's punk-themed Met Gala, and recap last Sunday's action-packed episode of Mad Men, in anticipation of big changes ahead for SCDP. Plus! The latest music from artists like She & Him, Small Black, AM & Shawn Lee, and ADULT. Celebrate Friday in fashion on BTR!
"I think designers need to be there when the decisions for the first particles are being designed. Not when the fabric is already on the roll, and it's already created, and it already has inherent in it things that can help or not help you." On today's show, I'm joined by fashion designer, artist, professor and innovator Helen Storey. Currently serving as Professor of Fashion and Science at The London College of Fashion, Helen has had an incredible career that began with Valentino in the '80's, led to the development of her own line in the '90s, and now finds her collaborating with chemist Tony Ryan to address problems created by consumer waste, through technologically innovative, elegant solutions. Tune in as Helen talks about her design experiences, the problematic divide between art and science, the creative challenges she faced in designing a collection inspired by embryotic development, and how your jeans can purify the air. Plus, the latest music from Canadian artist Renny Wilson, Philly-based Bleeding Rainbow, Brooklyn's Takka Takka and more. So turn it up and tell your friends - this is one Sew & Tell they don't want to miss!