Young adults are playing a crucial role in reforming a system that is, in the words of Attorney General Eric Holder, “ineffective and unsustainable.”
It’s “Orange Is the New Black” Week here on BTR, and I have a really unique, engaging topic and guest on the show for you today. There is a growing trend amongst international women’s prisons to host annual beauty pageants; Russian-born, U.S.-based filmmaker Irina Vodar was behind a 2007 documentary titled Miss Gulag that looks at just such a pageant, held by inmates at a Siberian prison camp. The incarcerated women design and construct three different costumes for three phases of competition, each with the hope of winning the crown title. On today’s show, you’ll hear Irina talk about the women in Miss Gulag, why she felt compelled to tell their stories, the positive impact of the beauty pageant on their lives and transformations, her take on Russian fashion culture, and her latest documentary, “The Cycle,” a deeply personal exploration of a socially taboo topic. Plus, a playlist full of great new folk and punk from artists like Tica Douglas, Neko Case, Summer Cannibals, and more. So suit up and tune in! It’s time to fall in line for fashion with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
It’s Orange is the New Black Week on BTR! On today’s show, we’re on the phone with Madeleine George, former site director at the Bayview Educational Facility for the Bard Prison Initiative, which works to help inmates earn a degree from Bard College while behind bars. Later, author Victoria Law talks about the challenges female inmates face that their male counterparts don’t. And after the promotional air raid, we feature an interview with Sasha Abramsky, author of the new book “The American Way of Poverty”.
Why solitary confinement is counterintuitive to correcting criminality.
It’s Word Week on BTR! On today’s show, John Knefel of Radio Dispatch recounts his recent visit to Guantanamo Bay and Christian Reese joins us to talk prison libraries. Photo courtesy of the National Guard.
A federal judge deals a significant blow to the NYPD’s awful stop and frisk policy, Manning is awarded a 112 day reduction in potential sentencing due to mistreatment while at Quantico, and we finally get to the listener mail we’ve been promising.