This week I chat w/ NYC artist Roman Darkholm & play his music from his performance "Thirst Trap Live."
The NYC-based multimedia pop performer keeps things energetic & sexy in epic live performances.
Plus a summer movie preview, commemorative tattoos, bad roommates, and more.
Organizers of this year’s Pride events in New York City recently announced that uniformed police officers will be banned, sparking reactions from various media outlets. MJ Knefel rejects the New York Times’ stance that cops should be welcomed at Pride festivities citing law enforcements’ historically brutal treatment of people in the LGBTQIA community and the spirit of Pride as a protest.
The New York Times and Washington Post disagree with Pride's decision to ban uniformed police, Emily Wilder is fired from the AP for her past support of Palestinian rights, and how conservatives are trying to prevent solidarity between Black Americans and Palestinians. Photo courtesy of Osps7 via Wikimedia Commons