Pop Week - It’s 2015, the age of the internet, and the average person has never experienced a better chance of being heard. With public platforms like Twitter,, Kickstarter and the like, the individual has arguably never been more empowered to impart change on the world, no matter the scale.
Pop Week - Where is it cool to let your whole body shake uncontrollably, hold onto the reigns of an invisible horse and gallop, or find a wall, bend over, and let your hips go insane? The dance floor. From twerking to the Bernie Lean, BTR shares our top five dance moves of the last decade.
Pop Week - Dadeville, Alabama, a sleepy town of about 3,200, has made headlines in the past few weeks. Dadeville City Council proposed to ban saggy pants, mini-skirts, and short-shorts in the name of mutual respect. Dadeville’s proposed fine is $25 dollars for the first offense, eventually leading up to $200 dollars per following offense and potential jail time.
Pop Week - Despite the fact that many young people watch content from video sites more than television, there is still a barrier between what is found on each; namely, professionalism and style. One video maker, Frank Howley, has made a name out of taking a cinematic approach to pop culture parody.