A new bikini helps you clean the oceans as you swim.
The Center for Genomic Gastronomy came up with the concept of smog meringues in Bangalore, India. They have since collaborated with others to make desserts that sample different air pollution.
Part 2 of our interview with Christopher Swain, an activist that has been swimming and advocating for our waterways since 1996.
We speak with environmental activist, Christopher Swain, whose been swimming and advocating for our waterways since 1996.
Rain Week - Acid rain causes long-term effects, such as the jellification of Canadian lakes. While the pH level is largely recovered in many of these bodies of water, ecological changes will persist.
Climate Week - As concern about climate change has increased over these past few decades, scientists have continuously used many methods to study the dynamics of the Earth’s weather patterns. The Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS) instrument is a device that measures aerosols, the tiny particles in the atmosphere made up of dust, smoke, and pollution.
Dr. Curt Stager talks about how our "atomic selves" impact our views on pollution and the future.