This week, we return to a topic from a previous episode: Lafayette, Louisiana. Lafayette is a large town or a small city, not quite urban and not quite rural, right in the heart of the Southwest…
Molly Knefel offers insight on President Trump’s recent remarks to a Suffolk County Police Department where his suggestion that officers be rough with suspects was met with cheers and applause. She also discusses the danger of proposed “Blue Lives Matter” laws which could lead to increased sentences for those accused of harming an officer, but make it more difficult to hold law enforcement accountable in instances of police brutality. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: "Untitled" by Tiny Victories
Our legal eagle correspondent Summer is here to talk the basics of knowing your rights when interacting with the police. Also, fantastic listener mail! Photo by Achim Schleuning courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
John is in the studio to catch us up on North Korea, listeners weigh in on IPAs, and listeners respond to Chepe’s interview on post-carceral solutions.  Goses Photo by Danibelami courtesy of Wikimedia Commons  
Chepe joins us to discuss alternatives to policing and John on the SCOTUS travel ban decision and the ACHA CBO score.     Travel Ban Protest at JFK Photo by Rhododendrites courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Hints at what policing under Trump will look like, the disastrous Price hearing, what two offices in the DOJ tell us about Obama's legacy, and thoughts on Obama's legacy after eight years in office. Photo credit: By Pete Souza, The Obama-Biden Transition Project