Melissa Gira Grant on the anti-loitering law that police use to profile and arrest marginalized women in NYC, Republicans want to repeal and delay the ACA, and listener mail. Photo credit: Melissa Gira Grant (Twitter)
Michael Sisitsky discusses NYCLU involvement in reform legislation and reminds us of our rights when stopped by police.
NYCLU's Michael Sisitsky talks about Donald Trump's Stop and Frisk comments and the general hesitance to discuss and acknowledge racial disparity in America.
During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump lauded the aggressive policing program as a success in New York City, but statistics say otherwise.
NYCLU's Michael Sisitsky discusses the encouraging decline in the use of Stop and Frisk and how long it might take to eliminate altogether.
Michael Sisitsky discusses how Stop and Frisk fits into the broader War on Drugs, the problems with police quotas, and whistleblowing officers.
Michael Sisitsky discusses his role with the NYCLU, community concerns with policing in the city, and the origins of Stop and Frisk.
Robotics has found an application in law enforcement, but the more they are used the more questionable their relationship with the police and the public becomes nebulous.
The aftermath of the shooting in Dallas, Black Lives Matter protesters take to the streets across the city, and listener mail. 
A new standard in rigorous fitness examination resulted in twelve female police officers suing their department for what they claimed were discriminatory and sexist fitness tests.