The Black Label Bike Club of Brooklyn, NY hosts the 10th Annual Bike Kill in the heart of Bed-Stuy.
A wealth of mismanagement found in rape kits still buried in police storage facilities for decades.
Fighting crime is a game of numbers and a series of patterns, as technology predicts future outbreaks.
A federal judge ruled on Monday, August 12th, that the NYPD's "Stop and Frisk" policies are unconstitutional and discriminate on the basis of race, ordering the appointment of a federal monitor to oversee reforms in the program. Later that day, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, alongside Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, slammed the decision calling it "dangerous" and claiming that "Stop and Frisk" saves lives. This week on BTR Pulse, Lauren Hawker asks people their thoughts on the policy.
How social media has become the newest tool of the NYPD.
On Monday, April 15th, two bombs exploded in the crowded streets near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Three people were killed and more than two hundred others injured, leading to a massive manhunt, the lockdown of a major city, the death and injury of law enforcement officers, and the eventual death of one suspect and capture of another. BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker asks people their thoughts on the media's coverage of the events as well as what rights and considerations they believe the suspect in custody should be allowed.
It's Help Week on BTR! On today's program, Diana Robinson of the Food Chain Workers Alliance tells about their Welcome Table outreach program that seeks to engage foodies in the fight for fair food. Later, ProPublica's Abraham Lustgarten tells us about how current regulations allow industry to pollute water aquifers we could one day rely on for our drinking water supply.
The People's Record reports on a Manhattan judge's decision to continue the NYPD's 'stop and frisk' program.