Seldon Yuan is a NY-based artist who received his BHA from Carnegie Mellon University and his MFA from Hunter College. He has published a book of poetry entitled “morning, afternoon, evenings” and performed his poetry across the US and Paris. His art has been exhibited nationally and internationally in various galleries and venues including the Museum of Modern Art, International Center of Photography, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Arario Gallery, Rare Gallery, La Generale in Paris, Gallerie 69 in Oslo, Norway, Around Space in Shanghai and the Museum of New Art in Detroit. He has completed residencies at Chashama North, Bowery Poetry Club, and Naropa University. He has completed a commission for Socrates Sculpture Park in New York for their Emerging Artist Fellowship and was included in the 2013 Bronx Museum of Art AIM Biennial. All images courtesy of the artist Untitled (yes), 2016, Ink on paper. 50×38 inches. Untitled (so sorry), 2016, Ink on paper. 50×38 inches. Untitled (everything is fine), 2016, Ink on paper. 50×38 inches. Behind the brush 2006, mirror and cut paper, 35 x 35 x 4 inches Text reads: behind the brush  we could not have seen one another  then was only sky we had to leave  wondering among other things  where birds came from  where birds go to camouflaged by our leaving thoughts  we saw only ourselves alone  envying stones  we were saddened by logs as arms cradled down back  until our branches touched by chance  there was never chance we are trees  we have always been together Untitled (clock, towel) 2015, embroidered towel. 78 years, the average American Life Untitled (plant, clock) 2012, live plant, dimensions variable Conceived as a meditation on time and its linear and non-linear aspects, the numbers one through twelve are cut into a live plant in a circle to resemble a clock while the two flowering stems resemble a clock’s hour and minute hands. As the leaves move in accordance to the position of the sun, so does the order of the hours. Untitled (plant, clock) 2012, live plant, dimensions variable Untitled (plant, clock) 2012, live plant, dimensions variable
Poetry in the last few decades has moreover become a less than popular profession and has certainly not been regarded as a medium in which one on can sustain oneself financially.