This week BTR speaks with Howie Good about his recent collection of poems “A Ghost Sings, A door Opens,” which was published by Another Calligraphy Press. Good is a poet and professor of journalism at SUNY New Paltz, and the author of numerous poetry collections and scholarly books, including: “Dangerous Acts Starring Unstable Elements,” “Girl Reporter” and “Journalism Ethics Goes to the Movies”.
BTRtoday speaks with Dave Stieber, a teacher and spoken word poetry coach in Chicago, about why poetry is something worth holding onto.
Let’s all take a step back from the rush, inhale a deep breath, and concentrate our minds on the ways in which we can better focus and center both our bodies and minds.
Allbook Books is pleased to announce the publication of Call them home by Gregory Alexander, a book over 2 years in the making. This is his debut volume of poetry. Gregory’s poems have a stream of consciousness style… evocative like a dreamscape… texturally and imagistically rich… layered with both subtle and direct emotions, and timely messages.
Ellen Bass gives advice for young poets to be intrigued by the “ordinary” or over-looked aspects of our lives and discusses more of her recent book of poetry, Like a Beggar.
Unique poetic techniques and tools are revealed in this interview with Ellen Bass as she breaks down her poem, “What Did I Love?”.
We speak with two creative individuals who are finding unconventional sources of inspiration: Trinity De Guzman and Ellen Bass.
Driving forces of poetry, such as small moments of every day life, are what Ellen Bass speaks upon as muses for her poetry.
Part 2 with Ellen Bass’s most recent book of poetry, Like a Beggar, and the way poetry can be a tool for investigation.
An interview with award-winning poet Ellen Bass about love, truth, and butchering chickens.
BTR sits down for an interview with the award-winning poet Ellen Bass, who writes and speaks about love, truth, and butchering chickens.